Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bully loses her mind: attacks fellow democrats for accepting campaign donations from BNSF and Tesoro!

We already know that Bully Loserham has never been the brightest bulb on the tree... but it takes a special, all-in kind of stupid to attack your opponent for something the majority of your own caucus is doing and has done.

I don't know if it's her innate stupidity, arrogance and meanness, or if it's gawd-awful advice from Heather Stuart that Bully's wasted so much money on, but it IS awful.

See, Bully stupidly took a shot at Our Liz because she took a donation from Tesoro... and BNSF...which I. personally, am fine with since I want them to build that terminal and get those jobs up and running... 

They, of course, are NOT "bomb trains."  But as a psychotic liar with few peers, it's the kind of thing you would expect this sad, desperate, about to be embarrassed woman TO say as she reenforces that she doesn't understand the district she's running... badly... for.

So imagine how shocked I was to learn that a BUNCH of democrats have taken money from Tesoro... including those this simple idiot would have to work with in the horrific event everyone in the 18 got stupid and actually voted for this idjit. Let's look up a few DEMOCRAT names... shall we?

First, we start with BNSF, which gave the democrat Harry Truman Fund $4500  on August 22nd... after $2500 on December 13 last year.

So, Bully... you gonna thump Moeller's grape, you hypocritical idiot?

Who else took money from this version of the anti-Christ, if Loserham is to be believed?

Democrat representatives Cindy Ryu (Is that a fatality, or what?)

Brady Walkinshaw

Hans Dunshee

Timm Ormsby

BIG bucks to dem Sen. Steve Conway

Jake Fey

Steve Kirby

Kristine Lytton

Jeff Morris

Eric Pettigrew

Chris Reykdal

Sharon Santos

Judith Clibborn, another set of big checks!

Larry Seaquist

Brian Blake

Kevin Van De Wege made a big score...

Gael Tarleton

The House Democrat Campaign Committee  (Twice... both in 2013 and 2014)

Chris Hurst

Steve Tharinger

Roger Freeman

Dean Takko

Kathy Haigh

Marcus Riccelli

Pat Sullivan

Jessyn Farrell

Steve Bergquist

Then, we shift over to Tesoro.

Eric Pettigrew.

Judy Clibborn

Jeff Morris

Gael Tarleton

Pat Sullivan

Larry Springer

Christopher Hurst

Brian Blake

Ross Hunter

Dean Takko

Steve Kirby

To name a few.

Memo to Bully: next time you feel the need to blast your opponent for something your own Speaker Pro-Tem from a neighboring district does, perhaps you'd better think twice.


Pete Masterson said...

I should point out that there are those who HAVE experienced a real "bomb train" explosion. I worked 20+ years for Southern Pacific Railroad -- including in 1973 when a train load of bombs (shipped from a U.S. Government Bomb Plant in Nevada) caught fire and exploded in the Roseville, CA yard. (I lived a few miles from the "ground zero.")

This was a horrible disaster, that did major damage, affecting some 5,500 buildings, destroying other trains and rail cars in the classification yard, The train carried about 7000 bombs (300 per car).

50 people were injured, but by the grace of God, nobody was killed outright.

The explosions of the bombs also set off explosions of liquid petroleum gas loaded in pressurized tank cars elsewhere in the classification yard. (These were actually more dramatic explosions, due to the massive quantity of flames involved. Unlike "Hollywood explosions" the bombs did not create a lot of smoke or flames.)

While it is reasonable to have concern about the flammability of oil-carrying rail cars, the rail carriers have had long experience carrying a multitude of hazardous materials safely -- with only rare instances where accidents have occurred. The volume of things on rail cars that could kill you is quite large -- petroleum products are among the least toxic and aside from the few accidents over the past couple of years -- an issue that's being addressed.

Personally, I am confident that the level of danger is no greater for these petroleum trains than the (rather low risks) from the existing trans that pass by on the BNSF and UP tracks every day.

The only objections to use of petroleum is based on the mis-understood "global warming" meme. However, the "carbon based" fuels will be used in any event and Clark County could use the investment and jobs that come with this project.

Just a guy said...

There are those who have experienced multiple disasters from a variety of causes: plane crashes, for example, have killed tens of thousands in ways equally horrific; this country has lost far in excess of a million people to car wrecks.

Is anyone seriously suggesting that we ban planes and cars?

I am never going to suggest that there isn't an element of danger with oil trains that are GOING TO COME THROUGH HERE ANYWAY (they can't be stopped; this is only a matter of the location of the terminal for these trains) and Winningham's use of the phrase "bomb train" is designed entirely to evoke an emotional response among the ignorant and the gullible as if first, even if Winningham managed to win, God forbid, she, personally, could do anything about it and second, that Rep. Pike accepting donations from Tesoro and BNSF somehow makes her a bad human being and makes Winningham somehow a better candidate that Pike...

... and it's her privilege to "think" that, as long as she understands that, for example, if it's true for Pike, then it's also true for each and every name on the list of democrats who did precisely the same thing... including Rep. Jim Moeller, Speaker Pro Tem of the House.