Thursday, September 25, 2014

As Obama shrinks our Military, Putin expands his.

There are certain immutable facts that cross the line between nature and politics.

One of these is this: both nature AND politics abhor a vacuum.

For whatever the reason, during this, perhaps the most dangerous time for this country in decades, Obama is abrogating American military responsibilities at a frightening pace.

Obama has bailed on our allies left and right, played ostrich will the "JV" as he called them has taken about half of Iraq, slaughtering thousands along the way... but not enough for the Panderer-in-Chief to miss a putt on his golf game.

Meanwhile, Putin rushes to fill the void developed by our community organizer and chief American apologist.

Lately, if you've been paying attention, there's been a marked increase in deliberate air-incursions by Russian fighters and bombers.

This is a result of Putin's well-earned contempt of the "Leader of the Free World" and his cowardice/timidity in foreign affairs.

The basis for all this:
Apart from such political signals, a broad-based military expansion is behind the surge in incidents. Foreign military experts say Russian president Vladimir Putin’s introduction of “snap” test exercises and the scaling up of the annual exercise cycle reflect the priority his administration has assigned to defence and to regaining Great Power status.
A multiyear military spending binge has endowed the Russian Air Force with new capabilities and resources, meaning it flies more and further.
And in the face of our continuing commitments and the ongoing global threat, what does our Clown-Prince do?

Shrinks the military.  Cut their budget.  Weakens us every day.

And he does it with the concurrence of both parties... including our empty-suited cardboard cutout of a US Representative.

Now, as he FINALLY starts to throttle up the military in response to the threat, he's going to find out that he has very little to throttle it up WITH.

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