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A pro-Charter freeholder tips his hand: Madore Derrangement Syndrome.

There was a freeholder by the name of Randy Mueller (with an extensive history on this blog) who, I'm told, no longer lives here, instead sucking off the government teat in Centralia, who was among the fringe-left partisan haters who set up this legal coup attempt known as the Charter.

There are multiple reasons to vote against this idiocy, but that doesn't address the true motivation and effort of the Charter scammers to lie in it's defense:

First, I'll supply Paul Mulwitz's well thought out and expressed concerns with this fringe-left take-over attempt.

Then, I'll supply Mueller's snide, arrogant (Did you know Mueller is a member of DENSA?) and condescending effort to talk down to Mulwitz in response.
Greg - I'm not sure I will be able to make it to the L&A test tomorrow. I wanted to tell you my thoughts on the Charter so I decided to write up some ideas and post them here:
First impression: The county executive is more like a dictator than hired help.
He has no term limits. That is, he can have the job forever. The elected council members serve for 4 years and must stand for reelection.
The appointed executive and his own appointed assistant have no limitations on their power. The elected council members are strictly limited.
The council has no power of oversight of the executive branch of county government. Instead the council is forbidden from interfering with executive branch activities.
One example of executive power: The executive has absolute power to negotiate and commit to collective bargaining agreements. These are not subject to review or approval by any elected office holders. There is a provision for the council to provide budget guidance for these agreements but no apparent way for the council to decide the budget goals are not met.
I suspect there are more issues that I didn't see on a quick reading of the proposed charter. It seems the people who controlled the freeholders were more interested in crippling the commissioners than anything else. I guess they feel this is the way to get even for the Benton appointment and their negative feelings for the current incumbents. The result is the citizens/voters lose control of the county government to the appointed executive. This is not a good way to run a government.
Absolutely on target. And this doesn't even begin to address the hideous requirements for the people to actually change this idiocy, which, once adopted, we can never rid ourselves of: it would require over 37,000 signatures just to get a change on the ballot.

Clearly, the scum behind this are not remotely interested in allowing us to change it any way.

Anyhow, here's the response from Mueller.  Read between the lines and look at Mueller's motivation... which has nothing to do with what we want, and everything to do with what the left wants.

  • Randy Mueller Paul, a couple corrections:

    There is no County Executive, the charter calls for a County Manager.

    There are no term limits on a county employee, you are correct. That includes everyone working at the county including the manager. You have a job until you're fired. I don't understand why you want employees to have term limits.

    The county manager, he or she is hired or fired at the discretion of a simple majority of the council/commission, exactly the same as it is now.

    The council has ALL the power of oversight of the executive branch. They direct the manager and set policy, and fire the manager if he or she is not performing. Again, same as it is now.

    However, you are right in that the charter creates a "firewall" that prevents individual commissioners from attempting to direct staff individually. Remember that individual council members (now commissioners) have no authority, only a MAJORITY of the commission has the authority to set policy or direct action.

    Regarding collective bargaining, very little changes compared to today's existing process. Under the existing system the county manager negotiates and brings back a deal for commission approval. Under the charter reforms, the county manager negotiates a deal and approves it, provided it fits within the budget that the council sets and all other county policies.

    For example: say the council sets a budget that shows a 1% increase in employee salary in 2016, and adopts a policy that says county employees pay a $20 copay when they go see the doctor. The manager, when negotiating an agreement, must fit any deal within the "framework" that the council has adopted.

    Paul, I have counted you and Jan as friends of mine for a long time. Who exactly are these people who you say "controlled the freeholders"? How did they control me? I don't understand how I was controlled, are you saying people paid me cash and bribed me? Did they hold a family member hostage until I agreed to their ransom demands? Do you know how incredibly insulting and offensive that implication is?

    The truth is this: 15 people of all backgrounds, party affiliations, and walks of life came together to try and improve our system of government. It's an honest attempt to improve our form of county government that is showing signs of age at 130 years old. Agree or disagree on individual policy changes, there's nothing wrong with that and I welcome the discourse. Hell, you should've ran for freeholder or came to our many public meetings if you wanted, I would've welcomed your participation even if you can make a meeting run a bit long.

    But please Paul, don't buy into a lot of this scaremongering hype that David Madore is spewing, as he's counting on people taking his word and not reading the document themselves and making up their own minds. This stuff is JUST NOT TRUE, and you're better than this.

Yup, you see it here for yourself.

Like the other fringe-left whackadoos, it's Mueller's hatred of Madore that's driving this coup attempt.

As a hating leftist, rejected by the 18th District GOP for the ballot back in the day for state legislator, Mueller doesn't need to be "controlled."  Instead of addressing Mulwitz's... and by definition, most people with a basic awareness of this effort's concerns with this issue, Mueller makes it personal, like questioning the motives and goals here are irrelevant and we should just "trust" a group of people who obviously did not and do not trust us.

The fact is that the vast majority of those scamming this charter were just as vociferous in both their efforts to ram the CRC down our throats and doing all they possibly could to keep the people of this county from having any say in the outcome.

Mueller is, apparently, reduced to suggesting that we, as sentient beings, simply don't know what we're talking about and that we must all bow down to his superior intellect.

Bull, shit.

Like every other leftist, Mueller sees what he wants to see and thinks what he wants.

But I am much less concerned with what he has to say for one reason and one reason alone: He won't have to put up with the fall out of what damage this legalized coup attempt would cause were it to pass.

But it's much more insulting for these haters to suggest that we cannot think and reason for ourselves... that we only oppose this insanity because David Madore tells us to.

And I get why the scammers do that.  After all, being the superior intellect and, therefore, perfect in every dimension, the ONLY reason that we'd oppose their utopia is if our controller told us to.

That CRC Scammers are behind this... that fringe-left nutjobs so rabidly deny the concerns of others which are at least as equally valid as their effort and that again... since what we think means nothing to them... is reason enough by itself to vote against this waste of paper.

This is an example of part of the reason why.  There's much more... but even if their weren't, the kind of arrogance that Mueller shows in his response here, inexcusable on it's face... would be enough to kill this garbage heap.

That many of the democrats behind this wouldn't have dreamed to even try this if democrats still controlled the commission is the thing.

If it was good enough for them, then it's good enough for me now.  And those shilling this scam have to realize that their hatred of Madore, repeatedly revealed almost every time they open their yaps, simply doesn't come close to a compelling enough reason to permanently yoke the people of this county to their peculiar form of political slavery.

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