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Who I am voting against.

Even primary elections where both candidates are going to the general are important.

Of course elections that are decided in the primary, such as some judgeships, are definitely going to be important for the people involved in those races… The primaries also serve as both a way to cull out candidates who will not make it to the general as well as providing a reasonably accurate snapshot of where the remaining candidates are and what strategies they need to pursue to be successful in November.

In Washington State, our primary is tomorrow. Clark County is possessed of some interesting races, and some what you would call nontraditional races.

For example, there is little doubt that Craig Pridemore will gain the highest percentage of votes in the primary, basically because only those within his Commissioner district will be voting… And they typically, almost always, will vote Democrat.

The critical issue for Jeannie Stewart revolves around what percentage of the vote she receives.

At first glance, the Commissioner district vote may be disheartening to some. However, if Stewart comes up with the vote of approximately 43% (Her current vote percentage as of August 8,  is 42.62%, right where it needed to be) in her Commissioner district, this will essentially guarantee victory countywide. As one of the fathers, for lack of better term, of the hated CRC, Pridemore has a slightly better chance of winning Powerball than he does winning the election for County Commissioner.

Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, both Pridemore and Stuart advanced to the general election.and people outside the Vancouver Soviet will have their day at the ballot box to send yet another in the series of messages that the downtown Mafia continues to ignore.

I'm not going to be voting in the judge races, I don't know anything about any of them, and I'm not in a vote for a candidate I know nothing about.

So that leaves me with the following options: and here is who I am going to vote against.

Congressional Race

It is unfortunate for the people of Southwest Washington that none of the people running for the congressional office are fit to be elected. 

the incumbent, one Jamie Herrera, has been a waste of space time and skins since she parachuted back into the district after being gone for 11 years and knowing nothing about the political issues confronting us as a project by her boss Cathy McMorris. With the assistance of my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, the deal was set for Herrera to get the appointment in November 2007 when an 18th district seat became open with the resignation of Richard Curtis.

Her time in elective office is been a complete waste. She has accomplished nothing, she has attempted nothing, she uses her own sick infant daughter as a political prop, it is perhaps in her own way one of the most disgusting individuals in politics.

During her time in the legislature and in Congress, she did absolutely nothing about the CRC scam. She introduced no legislation, which would've stripped light rail off the CRC, raised the height of the CRC, strip tolls off the CRC, or was in any way responsive, save for the odd press release, to the cries of her constituency who wanted her to do something… Anything… To make this go away.

Ultimately, it was left to local officials to act in such a way as to kill this project, but only after tens of millions of dollars were wasted on Herrera's watch as she stood by and did nothing to address the issues confronting this County.

Combine that with her utter cowardice in refusing to hold open town Hall meetings?

And her leftist votes to torpedo efforts to get the budget under control combined with her votes to reduce compensation the disabled veterans?

Put all that together… And you have someone that I would never even consider voting for.

Unfortunately for us all, this district was redrawn in such a way as to ensure the one thing the Jamie Herrera values above any other: her continuation as our despicable member of Congress… Allegedly representing us… Has she acts as a wallflower backbencher who is so dense, that she can't even be counted on as a talking head to represent women or Hispanics.

A further unfortunate circumstance is that neither of the two other candidates are any better. Bob Dingethal has gone over eight months without responding to my questions concerning his policy views regarding repealing Obama care, the vote on reducing disabled veterans compensation, and of course his views on the CRC scam.

And, of course, it's not as if I never vote for a Democrat; last election cycle, I cheerfully voted for Jon Haugen because he made his hatred of the CRC clear as a campaign issue, and I view that then as I view it now as the number one political issue confronting Clark County.

Dingethal lacks the courage to take a position on these issues, at least in such a way that he'll respond to me, as a perspective constituent. Whatever his positions may or may not be, I can only presume the worst, because one of the things about being sure of your positions is that you have no difficulty whatsoever being willing to share them.

Dingethal didn't want to tell me, because he knew I would disagree with what his positions were. As a result, he's no better than Herrera… And as I pointed out, Herrera is utterly and completely worthless.

That leaves Mike Delevar. The main problem with Delevar, and there are many, is that he's primarily a Paulbot. Unfortunately, that disqualifies him from elective office as well.

So in aggregate, I've determined that I won't vote for any of these people and while initially there was some controversy concerning whether I would go with Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, in the late stages mouse pulled ahead by an appreciable margin. And while, unfortunately for us all, Herrera and Dingethal are going to advance to the general, once again neither a fit to serve.

County Commissioner

Craig Pridemore… is everything I despise in a politician. As one of those most responsible for the waste of $200 million and an effort to ram the CRC down our throat since he was so instrumental in developing the concept… Since he is done absolutely nothing to ensure that the people are going to be heard on that or any other project, since he sees elective office is license to do whatever and whenever he wants to do, he is also unfit for elective office.

Generally, he's a political failure. he was destroyed running for state auditor, getting a paltry 36% of the vote in the primary in his own home County. When it came to running for Congress, he was even worse, not even making it to the primary.  Outside the Vancouver Soviet, he couldn't even persuade his fellow fringe left nutters to support him for runs for Congress or state auditor… Where he got clobbered in both primaries. There is a reason that not even his own fellow leftists would support him.

State House

Here, I would vote against any Democrat getting elected to the house or the Senate, regardless of their record.

When making the decision as to who to vote for, and informed voter not only looks at the individual, but also looks at what the effect of their election ultimately would be.

Unfortunately for the most part fringe left nutters of the Jim Moeller variety control most of the committees in the state House of Representatives. A vote for a Democrat, who would in turn vote for Democrat leadership of the house, is a vote for that kind of leadership decision.

To vote Democrat, is to vote for higher taxes, higher fees, more restrictions on your life, and here locally, more efforts to stop any other transportation project from crossing the Columbia River that doesn't have replacing the I5 bridge and adding light rail as its primary goal.

Will Democrats have shown a great deal of interest in enslaving the people of Clark County to tolls for the next 45 years of approximately $2000 per year, I am less interested in that… Even though the tolling question would not impact me at all since I work out of my home here in Clark County and don't have to cross the damn bridge.

To that end, voting against Moeller, Wiley, Stonier, Briggs and Winningham are the things to do.  further voting against the incumbent, Brandon Vick, in the 18th would also be a smart play, since he has done essentially nothing with the opportunity he's been given by the people of this district to represent us; he's rarely found on the front lines of battle, and is signed up to be a clone of Jamie Herrera when it comes to avoiding confrontation, fighting for the people of this district, and causing or being part of any controversy whatsoever. The last thing that we need is a "get along to go along" representative backbencher in the Washington state house.

Of course, voting against Briggs and Bully Winningham is a self-evident play, since both of them are arrogant asses who knows as much about politics in the 18th as they do brain surgery.

Briggs still hasn't figured out that the people of this district despise the CRC/loot rail project, and along with every other Democrat running, Briggs signs up for the school of thought that once he's elected, he can feel free to ignore what the people of his district would want in the legislative scenario.

Even though the people in this district overwhelmingly oppose the CRC scam and loot rail, Briggs rabidly supports and he rests as Exhibit 1 in the trial against Democrats who simply do not give a damn what the people want.with any luck at all, his political career while in tomorrow night at about 8:20.

Winningham, is a pathological liar. She's not just a liar, but she lies when she doesn't even have to lie, about things that really make no difference, about things that she apparently sees that were incapable of looking up.

And if this moron lies as a part of her campaign… What do you think she would do if she ever got elected?

Clark County PUD

The only one that I can see offhand that I'm going to be voting against is going to be Mike Piper.

The main reason I will be voting against him is because fringe left nut Don Charles Steinke, rabid anti-oil terminal and uber fringe-leftist supports him... and also wants Bully Loserham to get the gig in the 18th.

I have my own selection for PUD Commissioner, but is based primarily on sentimental reasons so I won't go into that here… But I really have no particular bone to pick with any of the other three candidates.

Sheriff's office

There are actually for candidates running for Clark County Sheriff, and two of those four will make it to the general election. 

I will be opposed to Gardner, Graser and Owens.

Gardner something of an egomaniac, who seems both badge happy and confused about his role as Sheriff; which is to arrest the bad guys. I'm not interested in a social worker carrying a badge. He needs to go out and bust the bad guys and let the system figure out what happens to them after that… Not set up some sort of system where he or his people can adjudicate outcomes for criminals.

Further, while claiming that the job he's going after should be nonpartisan, Gardener has worked long and hard to get support of all the leftists, and has used Jim Mains (not to mention paying him several thousand dollars) to gain that entree.

If he really believed the job was all that nonpartisan, then he certainly wouldn't be seeking the support of any political party.

Graser hasn't worn a badge for something like 16 years, instead drawing disability, which he would primarily be using this office to improve, as four years as Sheriff would result in higher disability pay for him.

Further, Democrats have posted at least one picture Graser being endorsed by Democrat former Sen. Al Bauer, even though he is allegedly running as a Republican.

Not interested.

Owens has an integrity problem, reports indicate that he attempted to have his then 11-year-old stepdaughter take the fall for the death of his then three-year-old son, who shot himself using a weapon belonging Owens. A mindset that would allow an 11-year-old to take the fall for something that you are responsible for completely eliminates him from consideration for any election to any office.

County Prosecutor

I will be opposing Townsend for this election because people are in a position to know, and who have worked closely or reasonably closely with Tony Golik have made the comparison between Townsend and Golik and determined that Golik is by far the superior choice.

I trust their judgment and will be voting accordingly.

County Treasurer

I'll be opposing Lasher this go round, as some compelling arguments have been made that indicate he's been there too long and it's time for them to go. 30 years in office, well admirable to many, can also result in an attitude of mailing it in. I happen to believe in this instance that Doug Lasher is served us nobly and well for far too long and he has reached that point.

County Auditor

Last cycle, I supported Peter Van Nortwick very strongly. I beat the living hell out of the sickness that is Brancaccio who engaged in character assassination not altogether unusual for his ilk, but utterly uncalled for under the circumstances as the democratian once again endorse someone who in this case, hadn't voted for the entirety of her life over Van Nortwick.

Peter's opponent in this race is a perennial candidate by the name of Darren Wertz who has engaged in a rather spend the experiment given that in order to file for these races, you have to provide 1% of the salary of the office you seek… Only to mail it in for purposes of campaigning.

Up to this point, Wertz has been something of a shotgun candidate, in that he seems to be developing a history of firing himself at any office that may be available, including against Tom Melkie in the primary for County Commissioner in 2012.

In neither this cycle or the last, has Wertz raised any money. Apparently he's on something of a personal jihad against Van Nortwick because he didn't happen to like his property assessment. And that amounts to a particularly bizarre reason to run for assessor.

In the primary at least, I will not be voting in this race. As much as I supported Van Nortwick in the last cycle, I have some concerns about his involvement with the political arm of a local fringe Democrat group, a.k.a. ClarkForward.

I have heard rumors of a variety of political goals that I will not go into now… Suffice it to say that I am watching this carefully and closely.

County Clerk

This is another race I will not be voting in.

Initially, I had hopes that the candidate running against Scott Weber, Deanna Pauli-Hammond, would be moderately levelheaded and interested in taking the job of County Clerk because it was the job of County Clerk; and not because she was a fringe left nut job.

Many people, myself included, believe the job such as County Clerk should either be nonpartisan or based on the hiring of the County commissioners.

A major plank of Scott Weber's election four years ago was that he would work to eliminate this job as an elected position.

Unfortunately, that was a promise that he soon forgot, and he made no serious effort to make that happen.

I can no more support a Republican who lies to get into office or get elected, then I can support someone like Tim "the liar" Leavitt. Over the last four years, I repeatedly reminded Scott of his promise to strive to eliminate this office as an elected position, or at minimum, make it a nonpartisan position. In that regard he failed miserably.

To that end, I will support neither of these people… As both of them have shown themselves unsuitable for this office.

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