Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The irony of today's democratian editorial.

Early this morning, I made my usual pre-election pitch.

Get informed.  Look beyond the labels.  Dive through the marketing.  And once you know what the hell you're doing: vote.

Too many paid the price to give you that privilege for you to ignore it.

So, it wasn't particularly surprising to see the rag urge readers to vote: a leftist paper with a primarily leftist readership to get to the polls.

But the unbridled irony of some of the phrasing they used has to be pointed out:
"We hope that a higher percentage of local residents have become informed and will make their voices heard in this year's primary, but we recognize that the right to not vote is just as important to our system as the opportunity to cast a ballot. As Thomas Jefferson reportedly said, 'A nation's best defense is an educated citizenry.'"
The problem with the former is that when one of the main avenues to provide the information all citizens should have is so reeking of bias, so one-sided, so guilty of lies, distortions and exaggerations as an editorial policy, how does a populace become "informed" saved for what this despicable rag wants?

To me, this is the biggest failing of the Columbian.

They COULD be a valuable tool in the arsenal of our local democracy.

What they've become, however, is a blanket against it.

The institutional double standard, for example.  The years of outright attacks against those of us wise enough to disagree with Lefty Lou's Utopian Vision.  The insults.  The belittling.  The cover-ups.  The misinformation... all designed to achieve a certain end... and then, to make every effort to make sure that a certain end is NOT achieved.

After all... there is no lie these clowns won't tell.

And this gem:
With that, our work is done. Now it is up to the electorate to express their opinion and set the stage for the November election. It is an egalitarian opportunity the citizens of this country must continue to cherish and protect. To quote Jefferson again: "I am not among those who fear the people. They, and not the rich, are our dependence for continued freedom."
Oh, no.  Their "work" is far from "done."

Their editorials will continue to trash anyone who even knows David Madore as a candidate, They will do all they can to convince you that the CRC is dead and that Craig Pridemore really DOES care what you think:  They will beat the hell out of anyone and everyone opposed to the legalized coup attempt known as the County Charter.... forgetting all about democrat efforts to kill the charter movement under the Stuart/Boldt regime a few short years ago and all under the guise of "modernizing government" instead of attempting to institute a government of essentially unaccountable government over us in retaliation for David Madore getting elected.

They'll tell us on one hand that it's important "... to make our voices heard..." unless, of course, it's on an advisory vote they're going to lose.


Not so much.

Yes, it reeks with irony.  Do you think they even read the tripe they print and take even a moment to compare it with what they've done in the past?

Reading this editorial causes me to wonder: does the cancer on our community have dissociative disorder... a paper with multiple personalities?  Because when Greg wrote this, it was almost as if he writing about some other newspaper... and not this one.

Curious, that.

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