Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Columbian got fooled on the Pot initiative like all of the other supporters.

At the time this idiocy was still up for discussion, I knew the revenue projections were an outright lie.

At the time that moron, the Pit Yorkie wrote the lies endorsing the pot delusion, I responded:
Clearly, they overdosed on the product before they, as they so often do, left out the most critical facts of all: passage of this crap is meaningless.  It will STILL be "against the law," AND, if ever legalized, the projections of revenue are as much a fantasy as the revenue projections on jacking taxes on cigarettes and booze.

Guided by the utterly false hope that it will jack up state revenue, the leftist dope smoker who wrote this pap fails to understand that, by definition, this plant is a "weed." To avoid paying the taxes... guess what?

People will grow their own... and except for a boost in sales taxes on equipment, there will be, for all intents and purposes, ZERO income to the state... since... you guessed it: it first will STILL be "illegal;" and second, if the fed ever changes the laws... people would grow... and sell... their own. 
Then the law enforcement focus changes to revenue enforcement... the modern equivalent of "revenuers." 
Ultimately, that's exactly the way it worked out.

But what was allegedly a major driver of the rag's bogus support?
The Columbian endorses Initiative 502 for many reasons, not the least of which is financial. I-502 offers Washingtonians the chance to radically change how we react to marijuana, from wasting $211 million over the past decade enforcing marijuana laws, to creating a revenue stream of more than $500 million annually via a 25 percent excise tax (plus other taxes) on legal marijuana sales.
This is just another sign of how completely gullible the fringe-left can actually be.

(I say "allegedly," because like most everything else the democratian supports(ed) it's entirely possible that they were even lying about that.  They likely just wanted to be able to do drugs legally.)

This was NEVER going to happen.  Nothing CLOSE to that figure will ever happen.  I knew it, and I'm a nobody.  How come those who think they know better than us were unaware that they were being hosed... and that we were being hose along with them?

And now, add to that the federal taxes the rag whined about a few days ago... and this outcome was obvious from the beginning... precisely as I said it would be.

And we should listen to these morons about ANYTHING?

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