Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The democratian's ongoing endorsement lies.

Commissioner's Madore and Mielke along with Senator Don Benton set the gold standard for democratian hatred and lies.

Jayne has once again embarrassed himself with this shlock of lies and fantasies.

The rag's endorsement of yet another fringe-left whack job does bear the occasional brush with the truth.  But there's a few places where typically revisionist history cause these clowns to go completely off the rails.
While we often have taken issue with Moeller's penchant for wanting to raise taxes to deal with problems in the state, the truth is that he is a well-reasoned solution seeker. He is not one given to sloganeering or ideological intransigence; instead, he works to come up with ideas that have a reasonable chance of being implemented. "I'm not done; that's the long and short of it," Moeller said of his work in the Legislature.
This ranks among the biggest lies this rag has ever uttered.

"We have often taken issue?"

Seriously?  And so you admit this waste of humanity allegedly causes you problems when it comes to taxes (This endorsement... yet another in the SERIES of endorsements where they have endorsed this slimeball for EVERY election he's ever been in, save one) and you then proceed to endorse him ANYWAY?

Good God.  How worthless can a rag get? 

And that's why I mentioned the Gold Standard of Madore, Mielke and Benton: Those 3 are what "taking issue" looks like.  And this worthless rag has never done anything close to that when it comes to Molehill.

If this moron is a "well-reasoned solution seeker," then give me a wild-eyed partisan hack every day, all day.  The man is a fringe left, partisan bigot.

That these scum would try and mainstream this leftist hack is beyond the pail.  His facebook posts are the very example of what this rag claims he isn't, rife with fringe left sloganeering and his neo-communist ideological intransigence.

And this lie: instead, he works to come up with ideas that have a reasonable chance of being implemented. 

Like suing his constituents on the 2/3rd's tax issue (Gee, I wonder why the scum at the Lazy C forgot to mention that he'd sued his own constituents who had repeatedly voted FOR restricting Molehill Moeller's ability to waste our money) or his constant yammering to stuff a state income tax down our throats?

"Reasonable?"  This man hates with an intensity that would make a Klan Grand Dragon proud in it's breadth and depth.

And then this beaut of a lie:

Before its demise, Moeller supported the Columbia River Crossing project to replace the Interstate 5 Bridge, but he recognizes the need to move forward.
Moeller's dismissal of those of us who hated this project like he hates anyone to the right of Mao is the stuff of legend.  And, since the democrats plan on bringing the CRC/Loot Rail scam back as soon as possible, he "recognizes" nothing of the sort.



If this bigot "recognized the need to move on," then he would be actively seeking solutions that do not include the CRC Scam or loot rail.  That he has done nothing of the sort?

That means this lying scumbag is STILL working on his CRC jones... he and all of the other democrats have just gone dark on the issue in the hope that we, the people, will forget about it.


And then this, the biggest lie of all:

He also realistically acknowledges that next year's Legislature likely will need to increase the state sales tax in order meet obligations — especially a roughly $3 billion bill to meet K-12 education funding as mandated by the state Supreme Court. "We are not going to be able to get there, with an additional $3 billion, without raising taxes," he said. "The argument next year is going to be, is it 1 cent or 2 cents?" That might not be the type of pandering some voters long to hear, but it reflects Moeller's pragmatism — a more valuable trait in a lawmaker than ideology. "Hopefully my colleagues, both Ds and Rs, will give us more than slogans like 'fund education first.' "
The Legislature is, of course, under no more of an obligation to jump through a State Supreme Court hoop than this despicable waste of wood pulp is obligated to tell the truth.

There is, of course, no need to raise taxes.  There is no need to increase spending in this state.

That this rag claims it has been repeatedly shown in the past as yet another one of their fantasies... and regardless of the outcomes of the upcoming elections, I sincerely hope that the Senate tells the Supreme Court to go pound sand.  The rag's slavish devotion to the idea that one branch of government can order another branch of government to do anything is just typical of their fringe-left meme.

Rule One of Candidate Support kicks in:

If you have to lie to get elected, then you shouldn't BE elected.

The corollary of that is this: if you have to have OTHERS lie for you to get elected, then you shouldn't BE elected.

Molehill has lied to us all repeatedly.  He is an absolutely, fringe-left political bigot. 

Portraying him as anything else is part and parcel of the rag's fringe-left meme... and just another in the series of lies the rag foists upon us.

Molehill shouldn't be allowed out without a keeper.  That this rag would endorse a bigot?

Well, what else is new?

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