Friday, July 25, 2014

GOP Gun Grabber forced to resign from WA State House.

One of the few GOP House members to openly support the gun grabbing effort represented by I-594, now former Representative Mike Hope has been forced to resign from the state House.

Hope, a GOP representative, was one of the few in that caucus to openly support the idiocy of further restrictions on law-abiding gun owners over the past two sessions.

Turns out he has actually been living in Ohio, even registering to vote there.  The Times has the story.

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July 25, 2014 at 8:19 AM

State Rep. Mike Hope resigns from Legislature

Mike Hope
Mike Hope
The Associated Press
OLYMPIA, Wash. — State Rep. Mike Hope has resigned following the revelation that he’s been registered to vote in two states since last summer.
The Daily Herald of Everett reports that the Mill Creek Republican informed Gov. Jay Inslee of his resignation Thursday. Hope was not running for re-election.
A Democratic activist in Snohomish County alerted the chief clerk of the House of Representatives that Hope had registered to vote in Ohio. Hope registered to vote there in August 2013. He says he doesn’t remember doing it.
Hope is a 38-year-old former Seattle police officer and an Ohio native. He says he intended to settle there when he completes training for a career in financial services. He said the training program has him traveling to New York and Ohio, and he has no permanent address in Snohomish County. Instead, he stays with his brother in Snohomish when he’s in the state.
Mark Hintz, the Democratic activist, says Hope has been taking taxpayer money to represent people in Washington while living in Ohio.

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