Monday, July 07, 2014

G3G2 hater confirms their existence is to attack David Madore: hate personified.

Recently, the haters at C3G2 have been just the tiniest bit piqued at the "hate group" characterization.

Self-delusion is the hallmark of the fringe-left nutter, of course, as it is the hallmark for the haters in C3G2.

The following post by one of the main haters in C3G2 spells it all out in detail.

As expected, this group has nothing to do with "good governance."  It's entire existence is predicated on the hatred of David Madore: why else would they never discuss any of the good he's done or is trying to do... instead, focusing on destroying him politically and by supporting the neo-communist manifesto known as the charter?

Anyway, condemning himself (Once again) with his own words, here's more hateful idiocy from Ron Goodman: fringe-leftist hater extraordinaire!

All of Goodman's lies about the motives for the group notwithstanding, the fact is that the people of this county voted just as much to force a vote on the BRT issue county wide as they did the fireworks issue... but this clown, as hypocritical as he is, doesn't care about such a vote when he disagrees with the issue... only when he can try and use it for political gain.

Well, the people have spoken and the people have made their opposition to this and the loot rail scam quite clear:  "good governance" demands that any agency within sight of that vote, including the morons at tHE CTran Board, should heed that vote...

Regardless of what the hypocritical haters of C3G2 may babble as a consequence.

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