Friday, July 04, 2014

Executive Summary of Mussolini Mikey Briggs' editorial board disaster: a user fee to go to public schools.

In keeping with his out of touch, fringe-left meme, Mussolini's editorial board performance was a nightmare for the dems in the 1-8.

This arrogant putz offered nothing new (Since any original thought he may have had died years ago of loneliness) and kept hammering his downtown Seattle themes.

Here's his quotes:

On caving to the Court on McCleary.
Vicks' Democratic challenger, Mike Briggs of Washougal, said he believes the money could be raised through a combination of moves, including raising taxes. The state should take a hard look at current tax incentives on the books and consider increasing user fees.
"I'm a big fan of the user fee," Briggs said. "When the public is going to use a service, you pay for that service. It's the most equitable."
A classic tax-and-spend fringe left nutter, Musso fails to mention precisely what taxes he would raise, and who he would expect to pay them.

But it appears to me that he doesn't understand that we're paying billions and billions every year as it is.  And taking it a step further, Brigg's blather indicates that this simple idiot wants the public to pay a user fee to go to public schools.

Stupid truly is as stupid does.

On the CRC/Loot rail scam, Briggs, a rabid supporter both of that rip off generally and keeping the public from voting on it in particular, babbles thus:
"On Clark County Commissioner David Madore's proposed east county bridge, Briggs said, "anyone can sit back and play armchair engineer."
Including morons like Briggs, it would appear.
Briggs, who is a fan of mass transit and is not opposed to light rail, said "nothing is going to happen until I-5 is addressed."

Why doesn't this scummy little worm care what the people of this county and his district want or believe?

Is this where I point out to this simple idiot that I-5 HAS been "addressed?"  Is this where I remind him that the resistance of the people killed the idiocy he so foamed at the mouth to ram down our throats?

On the fringe-left gun-grabber initiative, Mussolini is, as expected, a rabid fan.
Briggs, a hunter and gun owner, said background checks don't appear to cause any harm, and that he is in favor of a measure slated for the November ballot which would require background checks on guns purchased at gun shows or online.
"If background checks can affect the death rate? Yeah, put me down as a yes," in support, Briggs said.
One wonders: would this clown feel the same way about children getting abortions?

That said, they DO cause "harm."  Those who obey the law will suffer; those who ignore the law will not care one way or the other.

Further, none of the gun-grabbers can site a single instance where any of their crap would have changed anything had it been in effect and followed.

Neither Briggs nor any other anti-gun whack job can show where this initiative would save one life.  Not one.

But because the sheep of the left can't think for themselves, they believe, like Mussolini believes, that this will make a difference.

It won't, of course, but it would expand leftist control over our 2nd Amendment rights in this state... and it's not about safety...

... it's about control.

Briggs, who stupidly believes he "...did well," according to his delusional facebook page, could not have harmed himself any more had he trumpeted Jim "Molehill" Moeller's endorsement.

Musso is a perfect fit for the socialist districts.  While a moderate persona is what this leftist clown projects, he's as rabid a fringe-left nutter as, say, Bully Loserham.  Together, they make a great team... for "representing" downtown Moscow back in the Khrushchev era.

I expect that the rag, however, will likely endorse Lumpy.

They know that Briggs stands no chance of winning and they're terrified that if he doesn't survive, Ley will blow Vick out in the general.

The problem is that the rag has no sway... and all they can do with endorsements is harm those they want to win.  The disdain for the daily democrat and their fellow travelers grows on a daily basis with Lefty Lou's unreasoned hatred and jihad against David Madore.

And Briggs. showing a complete disregard for anything having to do with the people of the 18th District politically shot himself in his political head... all the while, believing he'd done "well."

I actually pity the fool.

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