Saturday, July 05, 2014

Another column, another series of Lefty Lou's lies. (The triple L!)

"Marginally strange?"

That's the understatement of the decade for Lefty Lou.

Well, that and his lies, exaggerations and attacks against anyone to the right of Lenin.

Lefty is many things: loose cannon he is not.

A fringe-left partisan hack hater?  A pathological liar?  A hypocrite of the highest order?

Those tenets are self-evident.
Liberal or conservative, incumbent or challenger, it really doesn’t matter. Putting political types in slightly uncomfortable positions is a good thing. At least I think so. 
Today I’m just as comfortable exposing Mayor Tim Leavitt and the liberal Vancouver City Council as I am exposing the conservative County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke.
Typically, Lefty's columns reek with hatred for David Madore and, to a lesser degree, Tom Mielke and anyone else branding themselves as a conservative.  That his jihad against Madore has lasted for over three years is one thing, that he rarely mentions The Liar Leave-it who is one of the, if not THE most corrupt elected officials in this corner of the state.... which rarely receives any of Lefty's attention?

That's quite the other.

Had Lefty treated the lying scumbag mayor of Vancouver the same way he's treated Madore; had he, for example, gone after democrat alcoholic staff-assaulter former State Representative Jim Jacks that way, then he could, presumably, write this pap with a straight face.

But when you compare the editorial treatment that lying waste of skin mayor of Vancouver has received against, say, Peter Van Nortwick, even.... well, there is no question that, once again, the lying scumwad who runs the rag has shown how pathological and revisionist he can get.

Truth is, none of Lefty's questions should make the cut.  His bias and hatred of the anyone to the right of Mao is legendary.  That he's a rabid supporter of the worthless, cardboard cut-out of a congresswoman whose only claim to fame is temporarily keep her infant alive long enough for this election cycle is the thing.

Let's remember: when Herrera got the scam presented by Marc Boldt at the behest of Cathy McMorris, Betty Sue Morris, then commissioner, now Clark County major bucks staffer Alex Swanson and one other democrat commissioner from Cowlitz (Part of the deal Boldt set up behind the scenes) all voted for Herrera, who at the time had fooled even the rag into believing she, Herrera, was a "young conservative" even though it's been absolutely obvious since she first parachuted back in here after an 11 year absence that my cavalier spaniels are more conservative than Herrera.  They went on to lie about her even more, calling her a "young 'family values' conservative" as a part of that article.

The article at the link contains every single lie she uttered during the process to fool the GOP PCO's into putting her on the list.... lies now shattered by the true facts of her abysmal tenure... lies quietly acknowledged by Lefty Lou when he NOW refers to Herrera as a "Republican moderate."

A leftist.  Like Lefty.

Of COURSE Herrera "struggled."  An intellectual empty suit, she doesn't use the facilities without a plan that someone else has written for her.  A coward that we should be ashamed of as she can't be bothered with open town hall meetings, she has all the mental acuity of an Amazon parrot.

In short, what did you expect, Lefty?

"Her base" is well aware that she's as Republican as her hero, Brian Baird, with whom she once elaborated
Herrera sees herself as a match for the 3rd District. “Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington,” she told the editorial board. “Linda Smith and Baird both have an independent streak.”
So, in the rag's eye, she went for being a "young conservative" when she needed to be, to a "Republican moderate" now.

"Republican moderate" is code speak for "democrat."

Lefty will never point any of this out, of course: it's these inconvenient truths that have made the rag into the despicable waste of wood pulp it has become.

Where the slimeball running the rag blows it... again... is this:
What I learned from this is moderates, as opposed to hard left or right folks, struggle with controversial issues — or crazy questions. So I give Herrera Beutler credit. The world isn't black and white to moderates. They often see both sides of an issue.
Herrera is a God-damned United State Congresswoman.  She shouldn't have to "struggle" with ANY of this... and that she's so incredibly vacuous that she DOES "struggle" is not a situation for endearment.

In face, it's nothing more than another opportunity for our fringe-left whack job of an editor to wear out another set of kneepads in front of... because if it hadn't been this fantasy about this clueless idiot, it would have been something else he made up out of whole-cloth.

It seems to me, then, that the only person in the room more moronic than Herrera was Lefty himself.

And that's something to be proud of?

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