Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Another abysmal fund-raising month for the M&M Twins.

I was checking out the typically abysmal PDC 's for the M&M Twins, and, as I suspected again, they sucked... again.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs, over the last 12 days, has raised a grand total of...

.... drum roll, please...


Total.  Period.

The total amount of money he's raised to date is $8170... not including lending himself $5450 dollars and then going out of pocket $3200 for what he's calling "in kind" contributions...

... which means he's essentially at zero between what he's spent out of pocket and what he's raised.

That he cannot raise money speaks for itself.  He IS going to get his ass handed to him in a basket, perhaps in the primary but certainly in the general.

Bully Loserham hasn't done any better: she's raised $35 from one big spender since June 26th, as well as a whole $300 from the 18th District Dems.

When the Clark GOP donated to Lynda Wilson a few weeks ago, they gave her... $5000.

So, who thinks who has a chance of winning? 

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