Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The rank hypocrisy of the democratian. Fireworks.

Situational ethics.

Lies of commission and omission.

Silencing the people of this community when they're smart enough to disagree.

Twisting the facts.

Ignoring their own positions.

That's what this cancer on our community does.

Today's editorial whines about how the commissioners have yet to act on the fireworks advisory vote.  Of course, like the appointment of that blithering idiot Barnes, they had time left to make that appointment just like they have time left to enact some ordinance based on the fireworks advisory vote.

And, they should.

But the hypocrite who wrote this garbage in the democratian today, whether it was Lefty Lou or Greg (We don't know because they lack the guts to sign their "work," manages to overlook their own glaring, gaping hypocrisy in this issue.) choose to overlook the stick in their own eye before they complain about someone else.

And, as I pointed out yesterday, I have a level of concern about their failure to act on the outcome of that vote.

Yet, oddly, not a single, solitary democrat holding or running for office gives a damn about the outcome of the advisory vote on any of the other issues.

Has, for example, any of these democrat morons come out and said something akin to, "Hey, you know what?  I was wrong about the CRC Scam.  We represent the people, the people have spoken on that issue, I get the message, it's time to move on and use other avenues to address the issues confronting us when it comes to transportation."

Nope.  Not a one.

Now they are focused on "punishing" the people of this county because we didn't go along with their extortion.

They offer up nothing, of course, because they have nothing TO offer.

And, naturally, neither does the daily democrat.

So, they forget ALL about ALL of the other votes they lost last November, where the people's disdain for the gigantic rip off they supported for so long was soundly trashed, and focus on the fireworks issue.

That, of course, is the left's privilege.

Just like it's my privilege to point out what stinking, reeking hypocrites they are in light of their own failure to present any plan, any vision or to help in any way, save continuing on as petulant, play ground jerks, pissed off because they are failures in the eyes of the voters.

No ideas.  No plans.  No clue.  The fringe-leftists and the local paper.

Two of a kind.

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