Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The democratian CRC/loot rail fetish: the gift that keeps on giving.

Even after all these years of lies, distortions, attacks, hissy fits and the like... plus their crushing defeat both in the legislature AND in county-wide votes, the democratian can't let it go.

Now, we all know that Lefty Lou is the moron who picks their poll questions, so that they're designed to come up with the answer he wants is self-evident, either through shading or, as in this case, simply leaving other alternatives off, so the people don't get a chance to actually voice their opinion.
Today's poll, for example, babbles thus: 
If you were able to eliminate one thing to swing your support in favor of replacing the I-5 bridge over the Columbia River, what would it be? 
As if these options are the only one.

His problem, and, of course, the problem of the rest of the left is this: what was left out?

The bridge doesn't need to be replaced.  Leaving it alone except to retrofit for earthquake preparedness should have been an option.

But it wasn't, of course.

What we need is to build additional bridges in other locations.

And that should have been an option as well.

But it's like so many things the Lazy C does, it doesn't want to hear those perspectives it disagrees with.

So, those options were left out.

Which, of course, begs the issue:  What part of "NO" do the CRC Scum not understand?

A civil war general by the name of Jubal Early had a report/plan resubmitted that he had already rejected. He took his quill and wrote on the first page:

""I already done told you "no" once: I ain't gonna tell you again." or words to that effect.

The answer is "NO."  And until additional bridges that will actually impact congestion and traffic safety without adding the community herpes of loot rail to the mix are actually built, there is NOTHING, save for it's collapse, that would cause me to support replacing the I-5 Bridge.

With these clowns, they don't seem to get that replacing the I-5 Bridge is the LAST option... and not the first.  Those continuing to pine away for lightning to strike dead all of us who would thwart their plans will be long since dead before the I-5 Bridge is replaced.

And imagine how much could be done to resolve our cross-river transportation issues if the the fringe-left hacks would climb down off their crosses and join with those actually representing the people to find ways to build an east side bridge and then a west side bridge... since those options would actually make a difference in congestion reduction and freight mobility... unlike the billions they were wasting to get loot rail into Clark County.

But, no.  All they do is bitch while they ignore the vote of the people and scheme to resurrect the idiocy that already caused them to waste $200 million of our dollars.

Instead of joining together and seeking solutions, they just stand on the sidelines and complain and whine and moan and blame.

Bully Loserham, for example, has gone so far as to whine about Rep. Liz Pike:
Liz Pike alienated Clark County Voters and undermined every effort to work towards bi-partisan bridge solution. After destroying the 7,000 jobs that could be created here, Pike now says she wants to "collaborate" but she has no credibility so no one is showing up to her meetings. Governor Inslee has no respect for her and no one in Washington or Oregon want to work with her. Pike just doesn't get it.
Which voters might that be?  The 5 precincts that voted for this rip off out of the 226 in the county?

Not a single precinct voted for this rip off in the entirety of the 18th District, and this fringe left liar claims that Pike "alienated Clark County Voters" by representing them on this matter?

It's frightening that the fringe-left psychos like Bully and Lefty Lou actually seem to believe this tripe.

And instead of working together to solve the problems they caused by wasting a decade and tens of millions of dollars, all they can do is whine, and bitch and complain.

The CRC is dead.  It's going to remain dead.  Other solutions are available.  And you irrelevant leftist whack jobs can either get on the train or get run over by it.

Your call.

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