Tuesday, June 03, 2014

So, once again, I was right: it was Barnes.

The haters on C3G2 -not surprisingly- express surprise that a fringe-left union hack was appointed as commissioner.

I'm not... and have been advocating for just such an appointment for several weeks now.

It puts Parker, who was so sure she'd gotten the gig that she'd told insiders she was going to resign from the Chamber of Horrors because she'd gotten the gig... sources tell me... in her place.  The whack job nutters are spinning it, but at the end of the day, Parker couldn't get hired to be a receptionist at a Tijuana house of ill repute with the attitude she displayed at the interview.  I'm pretty sure she "talked" herself out of the job.  What she showed herself as being was "ready for unemployment at the county."  And that's what she got.

Could be wrong.  But that's the impression I got.

It makes life very hard for someone who lives and works in Olympia (Pridemore) to keep that job and campaign while he loses this November.

It puts Barnes on the other side of the counter, so he can get bitch-slapped from the table like he's done to those who picked him.

And I do so look forward to that.

Ed, never the brightest bulb on the tree, will have a fire hose of information jammed down his throat from which he'll be expected to sip.

Fringe-left nutters are already advocating that Ed go out of pocket like David Madore did and pay for an "personal assistant."

They're not doing that because Ed Barnes is Alexis de Tocqueville in drag.

They're doing that because they know he's as dumb as a rock fence.. and he's likely to make the entire left look like the loons they are.

Heads are going to pop over this.  I'm just going to go buy a case of popcorn and do what I can to thank Easy Eddie for being such a dick for the past 18 months.

We'll soon find out how he likes it.

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