Friday, June 06, 2014

Pondering the democrat whining on Transportation in the 18th District/Clark County campaigns.

The two speed bumps running in the 18th, Mussolini Mikey Briggs and Bully Loserham, have been babbling a great deal over the past few days about the Republican-led effort to start a cross-river relationship... build a foundation... find the common ground... all of the classic, complicated issues that make up most bi-state relationships on any project.

They whine, they snivel, they twist; one, Mussolini, keeps exhibiting diarrhea of the mouth, unable to figure out that he's not running in the Vancouver Soviet, re-enforcing the fact that he's so completely out of touch with the people of this district...  lying again and again about "representing everyone" in the district... much like a communist running for office in Nebraska would claim HE'd "represent everyone"... as if "everyone" isn't being represented now.  (Look, I'll admit that Brandon Vick has been worthless as a state representative... much like, come to think of it, I knew he would be.)

Musso's Goebbelian approach, of repeating a lie over and over and over again until the more ignorant might come to believe it, ain't gonna work here.

Go to Mussolini's campaign web site and when it comes to transportation, Mikey doesn't even mention the River.  Of course, I get that he has some vague understanding that the Columbia is the local third rail and he's quite likely to politically drown in it.  And you'd think he'd understand that the fringe-leftists who bother to vote are actually going to vote for him anyway.

Bully's no better... except she makes no pretense about being a fringe-left lying whack job: she whines, moans, and complains as well: criticizes others but hasn't even bothered to put up a web site for anything except those idiotic enough to flush their money away by donating it to her hopeless cause.
She has to lie about her fundraising, showing a bizarre amount of "in-kind" contributions to pump up her numbers... she lies about the number of "likes" she has... but has committed nothing to writing and has no plan of any kind for any thing.

And that's the problem with these two, ladies and gentlemen.  They whine, they moan, they lie, they express a level of self-delusion that's positively frightening... and they have absolutely no plan... none at all... to address our cross-river transportation issues.

They offer nothing.  They've got nothing but destructive obstructionism TO offer.  They and their fellow leftist winged monkeys lie about what's going on, what's happening, why it's happening, and what the purposes of all of this are... but in turn, not one of the local fringe-left nutters, from these two through Sock-puppet Cleveland have offer ANY alternative.

It's as if they believe this is one big playground and they can be the 4th grade petulant jerk while they punish us all by doing all they can to stop ANY progress.

Getting their collective asses kicked on the CRC/Loot Rail scam didn't end the process or the problems... much like building that crap pile wouldn't have fixed ANYTHING except the check books of the special interests who infested that project and did all they could to ram it down our throats... with the support of the M&M Twins.

The cross-river problems, which would NOT have been solved by the CRC Scam remain.  The question is this: what are they going to do about it if our representatives are now doing such a terrible job of it?

Where's THEIR plan?

No where.  Just like their candidacies.

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