Thursday, June 19, 2014

Local democrat's deathwish: They can't move on from the CRC Scam; Ed Cote plays the fool.

From just about every active democrat/fringe-leftist to their rather moronic candidates (Pridemore, Briggs, Bullyham, Moeller up to the governor) the cascade of whining, sniveling, bitching and moaning continues even after the far too timely death of that massive fraud known as the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Last night was no exception.

Here about, the chief shiller for the Vancouver Soviet is a fellow by the name of Mark Brown.

Mark makes bank, from his 6 figure state government pension to his six figure contracts to represent Vancouver and other cities around here.

To represent a lying clown like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt in the legislature is a trying gig, to be sure.  But it's his job.

Yesterday, our Ann was given one of 5 inaugural "city champion" awards from the Association of Washington Cities.  Mark was kind enough to point that out on a facebook post.

And along comes Ed Cote, who spewed thus:
  • She also was responsible for killing the CRC
Which is both true and something I Thank God over every day.

Many reading this now might be asking, "Just who the hell is Ed Cote?"

Eddie is the representative from Washington State to the entire Democrat National Committee.  Seems he's had that gig since the invention of dirt or something.

It's relatively safe to say that he represents the viewpoint of all of the local democrats running and supporting those running for office.

Now, it was bad enough that this moron came in and tried to pee on Sen. Rivers' Cheerios.  But then, he had to double-down:
  • Say what you will Mark but she should be ashamed of herself for her behavior on the Columbia River Crossing. She could have been the deciding vote in favor. Now she and Pike have this funky committee to "study the bridge". Nobody is paying attention to these two first term folks. The big guys had their day, as they should, and Rivers acted way out of line and caused our community heartache for decades. Shame on her.
This is all too typical of the fringe-left nuts infesting the local democrats.  He speaks for the party with this stupidity.

Now, I'll be the first to defend his right to come across like a blithering idiot, I mean, like a democrat.

But this is a symptom of the fringe-left malaise which, when combined with the abysmal failure of all things Obama, spells doom outside the Vancouver Soviet for all things democrat.

It's why Steve Stuart bailed out for a cush gig and a big pay raise: because he knew he had roughly the same chance of getting re-elected as he did of winning the lottery.

It's a snapshot of how completely out of touch the leftist haters are around here and how little the will of the people of this county means to these scum.

How can they possibly expect to win elections by attacking those who actually represent the people they've been elected TO represent, instead of caving to the union hacks and special interests who own them and make them turn a deaf ear to the people?


Sen. Ann Rivers deserves a statute in the park, lionizing her for standing up to the scum like Cote.  Her courage played a major role in ridding us of this canker sore on our community.  She was not the only one, but she proudly bears the name "Bridge Killer" awarded to her by Willamette Week.

There's shame, all right: and the fringe-left around here is going to be feeling it in a few short months.

Meanwhile, the nutters like Cote offer precisely zero alternative.  They offer no solution, no vision and no plan.

All they do is pout.  And whine.  And snivel.  And nothing else.

That, ladies and gentlemen, simply won't do. The death of their cherished, moronic, hated and wasteful project doesn't end the issue of cross-river transportation problems.  Rivers, among others, is actually trying to do something about it that the people of this county, who Cote and the rest of the democrats obviously doesn't give a crap about.

All the left can do is criticize.  But none of them... NONE of them... offer up any alternative, viable or otherwise.  And it's stunning that their hatred blinds them so much they can't see it.

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