Thursday, June 12, 2014

I've got to wonder: how bad does it have to get?

Can we survive two more years?

On every front, Obama has been a failure.

Domestic, the area where domestic crosses over into foreign, and foreign policy.

It's as if the American people have been beaten so much by this clown that we've grown accustomed to it. We're numb to it.

No outrage... barely, in fact, a murmur.

The GOP House sits by and does nothing: not because there's nothing they CAN do, but because they lack the guts to act.  Worthless cowardice of the variety exhibited by Ridgefield Barbie all these years: all talk and zero action.

Abandoned allies, abandoned regions, betrayal and blood.  The world's energy pipeline at risk because of the deliberate actions of the incompetent-in-chief.  A domestic economy that's 10 tens worse than it was when the hated Bush ran things.  Mounting arrogance and disdain.  A shrinking military in the midst of a war when the militaries of our enemies grow and grow.

Rampant law breaking at every level of this administration, including now as he and his minions open the floodgates at the border... an effort aided by the GOP.

None of our leaders have shown any vision... or any guts.  And the party really doesn't matter.

The people of this country go about their business, heading over to Starbucks or Subway or watching TV.  Because they're not paying attention... and it hasn't impacted them...


Is it any wonder that Russia and China are expanding to fill the empty void that our president has in his head?

We're retreating on all fronts.  We're disrespected and ignored.

God... how we have fallen on this clown's watch.  And the GOP have helped him every step of the way.

I weep for my country.  I weep for all the kids this scumbag has wasted who bleed the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not to worry: the president has used his term to really improve his golf game... his one success.  And that makes it all OK, right?

After all, in the words of Saint Hillary: "What possible difference can it make?"


Jack Buckmeir said...

you must realize that this is really all just a big "game" to see just how far America can be pushed before it will react - problem is, once it's gone it will be gone for good there will be no "coming back"

Just a guy said...

But we are going to have to go back. With the Muslim foot clamped firmly on the oil jugular, there's really zero choice.

And we are going to have to bleed. Much, much more.

Jack Buckmeir said...

it's really amazing how stupid people can be, isn't it??