Sunday, June 08, 2014

I see that one of the fringe-left winged monkeys at C3G2 is whining... about the advisory vote, no less.

Yeah... at first, I was becoming troubled with a lack of movement on the fireworks advisory vote myself.

But then, of course, the fringe-left whack jobs... and the 3 clowns the dems shoved out there to be embarrassed as they sniveled for a commissioner gig... AND the democratian... started whining about it.

Hypocrisy abounds.

Of course, the nutjob on C3G2 didn't give this any thought until a democratian hate monger wrote about it...  but that's not the thing: at this point, I'll begin to care about the advisory vote on fireworks the SECOND the fringe-left scum begin to care about the advisory votes on every thing else.

Let's remember: the fringe-left fruit loops never wanted a vote on the CRC Scam, advisory or otherwise. They all ignore the advisory vote results on the BRT scam.  So, being hypocrites of the highest order, what do they focus on?

The thing they care about the least:

Firework sales.

So, until these same hypocrites begin to care about the voice of the people ALL of the time instead of when it just happens to fit their meme, that the democratian and the leftists are sniveling about it don't mean spit to me.

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