Monday, June 09, 2014

Early ballot look.

For the August Primary.  (Note: if I don't know anything about the candidates, I won't be voting.)


None of the candidates running are worth voting for:  Mickey Mouse.


Of the two running, one is of the "I only speak for Craig" ilk  He doesn't give a damn what the people of this county want or say, he'll ignore us like that moron warming Stewart's seat will ignore us.  He's a rabid, pro-CRC Scammer who was desperate to recall our current conservative commissioners (All in the name of fringe-left political opportunism: after all, he doesn't live here any more.)... until he found out he had no grounds because being a pissed off fringe-left nutberger just isn't enough: Jeannie Stuart.

Stewart has an impeccable record of integrity (Something Pridemore doesn't know anything about) AND fighting the CRC Scam, she clearly cares what the people of this county want.  She should get the job.  Plus, after she wins, Pridemore will simply go away after his 3rd consecutive electoral loss.


No one elected in the 49th should remain that way.  Anyone but the incumbents.

All incumbents in the 14th and 20th districts should be re-elected, except DeBolt.

In the 18th, Ley over Vick, who wasted an entire year because he didn't have the time to do anything in the legislature.  That kind of misfeasance shouldn't be rewarded with a vote.

The GOP vote will crush the dems in both 18th District races, since they're worthless partisan hacks who rabidly support the CRC Scam.

County races.

Sheriff: Atkins.  Still looking, but can't find a reason to oppose him.  The others all have at least one deal killer.

PUD Commissioner:  Bill Hughes.  I've been a huge fan ever since he took over the Bill Maher show years ago.

Judges:  No clue.

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