Saturday, May 17, 2014

The dems were too cute by half: Stewart will beat Pridemore, and Pridemore will not be appointed.

With filing over, it's clear that the democrats have only one candidate.  He won't get the gig of course, but what does that do with their candidate list?

Temple Lentz was unceremoniously bounced from consideration because of the 3 candidates listed, 2 of them lied about their intention to run in November while Temple told the truth.

That's GOT to sting.

So, the question remaining after the democrat's little internecine drama, is what impact, if any, does it have on the appointment process?
With Pridemore out, and Parker/Barnes not running, where does that leave us?

Politically, the failure of either of the other two to file, or any other democrat to file, means that Jeanne Stewart is going to be the next elected commissioner for Clark County, resulting in an all Republican Board of Commissioners.

It's a campaign that writes itself: the people's hatred of the CRC Scam will counter anything Pridemore has to say, and he'll become a 3-time loser: rejected at the polls his last, three consecutive elections.

The dems, of course, will throw a snit over Craig not getting the gig: Presumably, he'll have to keep working in Olympia, if they're not going to pick up his room and board since he hasn't lived down here since he was crushed running for state auditor... and they know he can't win countywide.
That's a logistical problem, but since he knows he's not going to win down here anyway, the issue becomes one of how much time can he spend?  Will leftist hatred flood him with free campaign help given that he's raised all of $450?

He'll get tens of thousands of free dollar's worth of in-kind contributions from the democratian; they'll lie for him, exaggerate for him, twist for him, but it won't matter: he is going to lose.

The democrats never stood a chance anyway: their only hope was finding someone not tainted with the fungus of the CRC Scam; instead, they found Pridemore, a leftist shill for that rip off much like he shilled for the tribe, and in a year where, let's face it: the democrat brand with its corruption and tin ear just isn't all that to begin with.

In fact, at this point, all the fringe-leftists have is to attempt to connect Stewart to Madore: and that is a meaningless gesture north of 39th Street and east of I-205.

The active local left lives in a bubble of hatred personified by their hate site, C3G2 here on facebook.

And while it's a miserable, sad existence, their petulant arrogance has resulted in doing a neat job of boxing themselves in to a spectacular defeat that will likely ripple all the way through the Charter scam down to the lowest level.

Anger is a particularly motivating force among the electorate.  And the anger the people of Clark County feels toward the democrats and the democrat government is palpable.

Locally, it's galvanized by the recent CRC effort.  It reflects in the abysmal numbers... every measure against Bob Dingethal, Maureen Winningham, Mike Briggs and even Monica Stonier.

This could be the worst year local democrats have ever known.  And a big part of that will have been their slavish devotion to raping this community over the hated CRC Scam, as black a mark against non-responsive government, arrogant government and petulant government as we have ever known at the local level.

The left will have no one to blame but themselves.  And if the local GOP doesn't screw it up... 

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