Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thanks to the M&M Twins for signing up as democrat speed bumps: April was another abysmal month for them.

First, I appreciate that the M&M Twins signed up to get their political careers ended this November.

At some place... deep within themselves... they already know they're dead man (and woman) walking.

But they signed up anyway, although God knows why. 

Sadomasochistic streak? 

Nevertheless, they stepped up no matter how hard they're going to get smacked down.

As yet another sign of their nonviability, it sucks when you can't raise any money.

Mussolini Mikey is so broke he can't even pay his campaign manager (Kind of like Dingethal, come to think of it.)

For all of April, Musso spent a whole $356.  He says.

Think his campaign "manager," one Michael Pond, who allegedly (If Mikey's C4 is to be believed) hasn't been paid since March, is working for free?

And Mikey, given how out of touch with the district you are and how wrong you are on the issues, here's a clue:

That ain't gonna cut it.  Being in debt as you are at this point of your campaign?

That ain't gonna cut it either.

I know you wasted a filing fee yesterday... but seriously?  You've raised a whole $2750... and only $1050... for the entire month of April!  You haven't even been able to pay your campaign manger since March... has he quit, yet?

Maybe your first, failed, campaign kick off should have been a clue.

My cavalier could have raised more bones then that.  But Mussolini Mikey's titanic ego won't allow him to use his head.

Bully, on the other hand, reported spending even less than Musso.

She claims she spent $266. 

For the entire month of April.

Based on the horrific speech she babbled at the democrat goat rope a few weeks back, she's clearly wasting her money by failing to have competent, knowledgeable assistance in the form of a consultant.  She does not appear to have a campaign manager: that's not surprising.... who would want to work for her?

It's tough when you can't really find anyone in the district you want to represent who wants to give you any money.  Just like it's tough that a dim bulb like Mussolini Mikey can get the WEA endorsement while an "executive" for a company that outsources thousands of jobs overseas can seem to seal the deal.

That's not being a "bully".  That's "incompetent."

I went to both of Rep. Pike's town hall meetings.

Mussolini Mikey didn't show for either, and the perpetually scowling Bully only showed up for the first one, in Ridgefield, where, I believe, the certainty of her defeat sank in.

Again, it's got to be tough to run, knowing you're going to lose.

Pridemore and his Winged Monkeys know that.  Dingethal, Briggs, Winningham and increasingly Stonier know it.

And I almost feel sorry for them.


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