Thursday, May 22, 2014

Speaking of Herrera screwing veterans...

Regular readers may remember that our cardboard cutout of a Congresswoman voted to throw disabled veterans under her publicity bus by cutting their retirement... all the time, of course, failing to cut anyone else working in the Fed system.... you know, like civilians?

She also failed to support the government shut-down, voting to cave along with that slimeball, nutless Speaker.

And then, yesterday's idiocy of crashing the Seahawks White House appearance?  Well, that kind of middle school hijinks speaks for itself.

With all this being just a snippet of the volumes of reasons why this narcissist shouldn't be elected to dog catcher, let alone Congress, I offer up this tidbit of the outcomes of her "work."  From CBS affiliate KPIX (San Francisco)
The Blog

California Veteran Can't Get Care Under Obamacare

Told to cancel his plan.

9:14 AM, May 22, 2014 • By MICHAEL WARREN
It's not just veterans at VA hospitals who are having trouble finding care. One young Marine veteran in California can't find a doctor who will accept his Anthem Blue Cross insurance plan he purchased through Covered California, the state's Obamacare exchange. KPIX-TV reports:

The Marine, named Kyle, says he was on the phone for two hours with Anthem to find a doctor within a 20-mile radius, with no luck.

"Finally a supervisor said, 'Sir, we have to go. we have other people to help,'" Kyle told KPIX. "And [they] advised me I need to cancel my plan."

This is the kind of thing Obama and Herrera have brought us.

I've got to wonder how much better VA Care would be if Herrera and the rest of the high-end government were forced to use it.  But here's my guess:

While wasting time dropping her bogus Pearson Air Museum bill... but failing to drop any bill that had anything to do with the CRC Scam for the 7 years she's been in elective office is her history, I really don't expect her to drop a bill forcing Congress into the VA System.

She's lazy and ineffectual and a self-aggrandizing putz... but she's not insane.

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