Thursday, May 22, 2014

Solving the Veteran's Administration.

When I enlisted during that little tiff in Southeast Asia in 1972, the recruiter looked me in the eye and told me that henceforth, my medical care would be free, courtesy of a grateful American People and the Veteran's Administration.

Tens of thousands of dollars latter, the medical care has been anything BUT free.

Obama has done nothing.  Clearly, if we were illegal aliens, he'd have been all over it.

Keep the promise: So, start by keeping the promise made to me and hundreds of thousands of others: make the care free for each and every servicemember given that promise as part of their enlistment or as part of being drafted.

Ending the disability backlog.

Reverse the burden of proof:  If I am claiming a disability due to my military service, then grant it.

That's right: If, for example, I claim a knee injury based on my service to the military, then grant it first and ask questions later.

That's not a blank check.  If I make such a claim and the claim is later rejected, then I would be held liable for any money received as a result of the claim and be forced to pay it back.

Pay first.  Ask questions later.

End the appointment backlog.

Knock off the VA (or hell, all of government, for that matter) bonus program that appears to have been driven, in part, by statistical summaries that show beyond doubt that figures don't lie, but liars figure.

Government employees shouldn't be given bonuses for doing their jobs: they should be thankful they HAVE jobs.

If VA facilities are inadequate, then expand them until they ARE adequate.  VA Employees who engage in secret lists or destroy records (As tens of thousands HAVE been destroyed) or anything approaching that should be imprisoned.

The veterans who've died because of this idiocy are just as dead as if these members of the VA Bureaucracy whipped out a .45 and shot them in the head.

Force Congress and upper end government to use the VA system.

You want to see change?  then make it hurt.  Make it sting.  Force these uncaring bastards like the non-serving pogue we've got representing us in Congress to sit in a waiting room for 8 hours to be seen, for example.

Fire Shinseki.  He's been a disaster from the beginning, much like he was a disaster as a general officer.

He was brought on board to solve the problems.  If Obama didn't back him enough, he should have resigned out of principle.  Obviously, the buck has to at least make a detour towards him on the way to Obama.  But Shinseki has GOT to go.

Will this solve all of the problems?

Nope.  But it's a start.  And I haven't seen any suggestion forwarded by anyone else that will make one wit's difference.

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