Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yo, CRC Scammers: $17 million misspent. Cricket chirps.

Well the results are in.

They're only the surface, low-hanging fruit variety, to be sure since this was NOT a "complete audit" since, according to the state auditor, $400K was apparently not enough to pay for it all... but it's a pretty good start.

Meanwhile, the CRC Scammers seem remarkably silent on these findings... and this represents just a part of why the people hated this project.

Was it at the democrat goat rope just a few days ago that Craig Pridemore babbled thus about his pet CRC Scam?
"We've had a few bad years.  Working together, across party lines, across public, private and not-for profit sectors in our community, we strived to achieve the single greatest economic development investment in the history of our community.  
"Through a well-funded campaign of misinformation and deception, this community had the torch of history knocked out of it's hands."
"We've been chastened.  We've been humbled.  We've been mocked, despised and ridiculed."
"In the wake of our failure, a new tide of leaders has emerged, who say there must not be ANY community leadership.  Not public or private.  That we as a community must not vision, that we must obsess over our differences rather then set them aside to work together."
So... where's Pridemore on this?  Or Mussolini Mikey and the other M&M Twin, Maureen "The Hater" Winningham?

Here's what the Witch screamed at the goat rope:

"And when you purposefully undermine construction of a bridge that brings people back and forth for our community to make jobs and to make a living just because of your political ideology, you're not an ideologue, you're a bully." 
So, Hater, the fact that every single precinct in the 18th District voted against light rail last November is meaningless to you?

The fact that Pike's position mirrors that of the people of this district means you'd ignore that and do all you can to get this massive rip off built makes Pike a "bully?"

Well, look at this adult.  Look closely.  $17,000,000 misspent or illegally spent.

Doesn't look like "political ideology" was her core belief as much as common sense.

In fact, Whiner... it kinda makes your rabid support of this idiocy look downright stupid.

Maybe MacAfee ought to re-evaluate their relationship with you?

Meanwhile, the rabid fringe-left nutter CRC Scammers seem remarkably quiet on this.

Nothing from Slimeball Stuart or The Liar leave-it.  Nothing from the fired Paul Montague, formerly of Identity Vancouver or Parker, commissioner wannabe and Chamber of Horrors CRC Shill.

Crickets.  Deafeningly loud crickets.

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