Friday, April 04, 2014

When local dopers go full moron: Sen. River's efforts to save medical pot.

The comments under the story... most by the uber-fringe-left, hate Madore/Mielke, pro CRC Scam contingent, show a level of idiocy and ignorance that is all too typical of the radical neo-communist.

Here's the thing:  If medical pot is NOT regulated to the fed's content... then it will be completely outlawed.  You know, more than it already HAS been outlawed?
"Rivers says regulating the market is a must if the state wants to avoid a crackdown from the federal government."
Outlawed.  As in raids, arrests, increased costs, lack of availability.  No regulating, no market.

Rivers is trying to stop that from happening.

And the comments left by the morons who don't have a clue under the story?

It's as if they've already smoked themselves into oblivion.

Here's another thing: folks, unless you actually live in River's district (And few if any of your basic fringe-left whack jobs do) what do you think your efforts to out yourselves as a complete idiot will accomplish?

I'm sure that your bleating will at least have the same effect as my efforts to point out what a slimy weasel Molehill is.

So, before you go off... getting stuck on stupid... again... consider what will happen if Rivers fails:
 .... a crackdown from the federal government.
Of course, the left winger's sniveling in the comments is just piling on as they do when anyone to the right of Mao is under discussion... and that's to be expected when you practice the politics of hate.  

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