Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Val Ogden passes...

While I can't say I ever admired her politics, there is no denying that Val Ogden served Vancouver for many, many years and it is that service that I acknowledge with this post.

Finding those who actually serve to better their communities instead of out of ego or self-aggrandizement is a rarity in the political realm.  She served nobly and, for her particular constituency, well.  She worked hard to better that constituency and served many, many years representing the 49th.

She was a bit upset with me personally when, shortly after I went to work in the House (Jan, 1995), I did an undercover investigation that revealed the squalid condition of the main welfare office in Vancouver.

It was the only complementary thing the rag ever had to say about me.  In fact, when Lou trots out my list of imagined sins, for whatever the reason, that particular one doesn't make the cut.

As new guys (Marc Boldt was a state representative from the 17th... both of us brand new... ) we had no clue that we needed "permission" to go to a state office in another district.  Rep. Ogden "reminded" us by throwing something of a fit.

Nevertheless, even then she would do what she thought to be right.

Partisanship aside, she set something of an example that others (Moeller) could emulate. 

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