Monday, April 07, 2014

The blithering idiocy of Maureen Winningham

I almost feel sorry for the democrats in the 18th.


Because of issues of competence in their last second filings for the last cycle, the dems were left to scrape the bottom of the barrel and they couldn't even figure out how to file correctly, with two speed bumps filing for one seat, leaving the other open... and putting a candidate who had zero chance up against Ann Rivers.

How'd that turn out in 2012?  Much the same way it's going to turn out in 2014.

(Prefers Republican Party)
(Prefers Democratic Party)

(Prefers Republican Party)
(Prefers Democratic Party)
There hasn't been a massacre like that around here since Custer. 

And there's two main reasons this cycle will likely resemble the past several cycles for the left in the 18th.

First, democrats in Clark County are incapable of running and supporting anyone who isn't a mirror version of Jim Moeller.  And while that obviously works in the Vancouver Soviet, it won't work anywhere else.

Second, the leftists the dems are running are both bitter, petulant jerks who simply ignore political reality and refuse to confront the multitudes within the district who find their support of the idiocy of the CRC Scam and other leftist platitudes anathema.

They somehow believe that they have the right to simply ignore those within their prospective district they would represent.

Even a lying clown like Mike Briggs, who has repeatedly claimed HE would represent ALL of the people in the 18th, unlike the current representatives, lacks the courage to "engage."

Here's the thing:  how can Briggs claim that he'll  "represent ALL of the people" without even talking to or responding to the questions of those who disagree with his positions?

That's the lie of it for Briggs.

As for Winningham, she's so ignorant she likely CAN'T answer the questions that have been asked of her.

Her campaign is going no where in a hurry, showing that she's raised roughly $200 in the 18th District and she's left to inflate her totals by making up utterly bogus "in-kind" contribution totals much like she's faking the number of "likes" on her campaign facebook page.

And instead of providing ideas that will make something better, she spends all of her time whining, sniveling and moaning about Liz Pike's bills.

I support them.  I support arming teachers and improving security in our schools.  This has become legal in some states since the leftist inspired slaughter of Sandy Hook. And you can bet that if Winningham's daughter had been in that Sandy Hook class room, she would have begged me and my .45 to save her had I been in there with her.

I'm given to understand that the soon-to-be departed Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart's wife is consulting on Winningham's campaign.

I hope not, because so far, it's been one clueless idiocy after another.

Today's snivel fest on Winningham's campaign facebook page reeks with contempt for the majority of her district and the opponent that will be flattening her in November.

So, Winningham lies when she claims she "supports the 2nd Amendment" by claiming a non sequitur.

Many school districts outside this state have adopted the very program Winningham stupidly claims would result in some sort of disaster.  She stupidly equates the shooting at the county building, which easily could have been a double digit bloodbath except for one guy's guts and dumb luck... with Sandy Hook.

The inadequate security at Ft. Hood was a result of failing to arm the soldiers while they were on post... much like Sandy Hook's inadequate security was a result of a completely unarmed staff inside the school.

First of all, neither the moron who wrote the editorial today or the moron who blathered this fringe-left facebook post know anything about the military beyond spelling the word... since neither felt strongly enough about their country to ever bolt on it's uniform.

Second... and this is critical... what this simple-minded cretin failed to do... what she ALWAYS fails to do... is to provide ANY viable alternative.

For them, it's business as usual.  Let's keep doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome, because in the NEXT Sandy Hook, the staff will be able to throw bigger erasers.. and THAT'LL show them, right, Maureen?

There is, of course, no such thing as "fool proof" security.  And no one had EVER claimed that arming teachers or soldiers on base WOULD be fool proof.

But of those killed in Sandy Hook, Columbine, or the two Ft. Hood attacks...

How many of those adults and their families wish they had been armed?

That, of course, goes to the heart of the matter.

As Maureen Winningham proved today, any idiot can complain.

Where the difference comes from is providing alternatives that would, in a situation like this, at LEAST give the victims a chance.

If Winningham had been in one of those two buildings on Hood and I had been there with my .45, do you suppose as this clown fired through the door killing the Sergeant First Class who gave his life to protect everyone else in the room she would have thrown a fit if I had pulled my weapon and went after that clown before he could kill her?

Clearly, Winningham has both the political and personal empathy of a rock ape.

So, by all means, Maureen... keep banging your "I am an idiot" garbage cab.

See what that does for you. In this district?

It'll make you a political door mat.

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