Monday, April 07, 2014

More neo-communist whining and lies in the democratian.

No two ways about it: no one snivels like a fringe-left nutter inculcated in their self-applied victimization.

Take this garbage heap of lies:
Letter: Local coverage vital to community
  I've been mad enough to cancel our household Columbian subscription a few times over the past 26 years, only to start it up again because we'd dearly miss knowing what's happening around here. As angry as I was over some article or editorial, I never ever would wish The Columbian to stop publishing. This town absolutely needs local news media in order to function as a community. 
So it has come as a shock to watch Clark County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke systematically work to destroy our only communitywide newspaper. First, they banned The Columbian from county waiting rooms for citizens to read, then M&M reversed historical precedent by refusing to publish public notices in this countywide newspaper, and finally they threatened to charge a "littering fee" specifically to The Columbian. 
Local community leaders should know how vitally important news media is to our community. Clearly, M&M don't care about citizens or the health of the community as long as they destroy those on their enemies list. 
Deborah Nelson
The rank, reeking hypocrisy of this hog slop stinks up the entirety of this community.

The idea that if the democratian evaporated tomorrow it would even be missed is stunning in the breadth of its fallacy.

To make this claim is to also claim that the Germans miss the Nazi Party daily newspaper, the Völkischer Beobachter or the Ukrainians miss the Pravda Правда.

Of course fringe-left nutters have claimed anger at the daily democratian.  Any time they've taken any opposition to the right of Mao, leftist anger fills the internets.  But these same nutters have no objection to political hate speech when it's properly directed... like the hate speech they prefer and direct towards the county commissioners.

Many communities across this country have lost their newspapers as their failed business models come home to roost.  And what's happened to those communities as a result?

Take Nelson's long-disproven lie that "This town absolutely needs local news media in order to function as a community."

Since the local rag bears little resemblance to anything but a fringe-left publication, I would beg to differ.

The papers listed below have closed since 2007: other forms of media have stepped up to fill the need.
Tucson Citizen
Rocky Mountain News
Baltimore Examiner
Kentucky Post
Cincinnati Post
King County Journal
Union City Register-Tribune
Halifax Daily News
Albuquerque Tribune
South Idaho Press
San Juan Star
Honolulu Advertiser
... among others.

And so... did these areas cease to exist with the newspapers that closed?

Of course not.

What fringe-left nutters would miss are the disjointed ramblings of the local lenin who edits it.  They'd miss having a common point of hatred to refer to on a daily basis as a justification for their Klan-like political bigotry.

That's what they'd miss.

To be a fringe-leftist is, of course, to be self-delusional.  One uses lies to make their point (See: CRC Scam for classic fringe-leftism) or rank exaggeration as symptoms of the disease.

Such as the entirety of this letter.

The idea that this despicable rag exists or fails only because the county ordains it, one way or the other?

While typical of the thought process of the nutter, there's no evidence that it's either factual or realistic: when this paper goes into final, inevitable bankruptcy, it won't be because of anything the county commissioners did or did not do.

Instead, the responsibility for that will rest on the combination of leftist media thuggery and mismanagement, the same thing that drove them into bankruptcy last time.

And when they go... and go they will... leftists throughout the community will grieve that they've lost their daily party organ... while most everyone else will go "what was the name of that rag, again?"

Many, many other types of media will be ready, willing and able to fill the minuscule gap left by the rag's inevitable departure.

And all the while, leftists will snivel, lie and exaggerate.  Like this letter did here.

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Lew Waters said...

And her fellow fringe left nutters are beside themselves, as if she did something miraculous;

Esther Schrader WTG, Debbie!
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George Vartanian Debbie,
I read the letter this morning. GOOD ONE.
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