Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maureen Winningham: liar or just ignorant?

Yesterday, we reviewed Maureen Winningham's screed of a speech at the Clark County Goat Rope the dems had a few days ago.

Among her many lies was an obvious little number (literally) concerning the growth of a city in India that she'd just "visited" (You know.... for that company she works for the outsources technical support to foreign countries.... THAT company?) namely, Bangalore.

Her lies?  Well, among the many are this peculiar set.
"...and I just came back from Bangalore, India.  And let me tell you what happens when you DON'T invest in infrastructure.  Ten years ago, Bangalore was a sleepy little retirement town of a hundred thousand people. 
And now, it has 10 million people."
Remember my Rule One?

"If a candidate has to lie to be elected... they shouldn't BE elected?"

Ten years ago, in the latest figures available, the population of this "used to be a sleepy little retirement town" was 5.1 million.
Population Growth 
Source: Census of India[133][134

That's just a shade more than "a hundred thousand."

Why does she have to lie?
And no stop lights. I'm not kidding.
And, as much as she lied about the population issue to make up a comparison, oddly, to Clark County, she EVEN lied about the "and no stop lights" issue:

On the left of this video from the Bangalore Traffic Police, what do we see?

We see one of the non-existent "stop lights" that Bangalore allegedly doesn't have.

Why does she have to lie?
"What's happening, is that they're having blackouts... rolling blackouts constantly..."
Kind of like the ones they've had in California?  And GOD knows California hasn't spent anything on "infrastructure," have they?

Maureen's first speech that I've seen, and it's peppered with lies, anger, arrogance and self-importance.  It confirms beyond doubt that she is COMPLETELY out of touch with the main stream of the 18th District.

Since she's lied about things like this... what else is she going to lie about and what else HAS she lied about?

I, for one, wouldn't let her run an elevator for me.

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