Sunday, April 27, 2014

Let me help you with that Greg: Democratian makes leftist propaganda into an art from.

Greg Jayne has long since cast off any pretense of fairness or equity in his writing; not terribly surprising given who he works for.

There's no doubting that every chance they get, someone... or a group of someones, takes the opportunity to express their fringe-left political bigotry towards the remaining commissioners generally and David Madore particularly.

This bizarre effort was no exception.

Greg takes a shot at Madore because he occasionally relies on homily  Because, as we all know, Greg Jayne is perfect.  Everything he's ever written?  Perfection. 

Well, as the saying goes, never try explaining anything to anyone who's bound and determined to misunderstand you.

In this instance, Greg relates the fact that he believes the GOP is "winning the war on rhetoric."

That's utter nonsense, of course. While, as one commenter below points out the truth:
(1) Conservative rhetoric is powerful because it articulates many plain truths. The words you cite from former Congressman West are compelling because they are righteous.
Where Greg goes off the rails (As he so frequently does) is he, like the rest of the rag he works for, is very selective in presenting the entirety of the truth to buttress their positions.

Leftist radio fails because a network of liars mouthing lies isn't all that attractive... even to many who lean in that direction.

After all, how many times did this same newspaper lie, exaggerate or ignore the truth of the CRC Scam... the gift that keeps on giving?

He mentions that the GOP in Congress "insisted upon cutting food stamps in this year's Farm Bill."

Who knew the GOP in Congress ran the entirety of government?  Who knew that bills from the House didn't have to also be passed by a democrat-controlled Senate?

Why, I had no idea!  He also neglects to mention that more Americans (And, of course, illegal aliens) are now on food stamps then in the entirety of our history.  But facts like that don't fit the meme... so they don't get mentioned.

And it's that kind of fringe-left rhetoric that puts the lie... again... to what Greg wrote in today's column.

Greg's focus on the GOP is exclusive to all else.  Because he, of course, is perfection when it comes to his job... all integrity and crap as he writes to entertain leftists (Who make up the vast majority of his rag's readership)

He recites the fringe-left talking points flawlessly, all the while complaining about the GOP's rhetoric.

Thus, he stands as an example of that very thing he's whining about in this column:


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