Saturday, April 26, 2014

Clarifying my positon on the Charter issue.

I'm hearing from some who seem confused by my "evolving" position on the Charter movement.

Simply stated, that position its this:  what is best for the people of Clark County?

In all that I write, I speak precisely and only for myself.  No one else controls my words in any way.

Everything I write, every position I take... is based entirely on what I believe is right and best for this community.  I live here.  My family lives here.  I intend to die here at some point.

My positions are thought out conclusions based on the information I'm provided and the subsequent education, knowledge, experience and analysis that results.

With the issue of the Charter, the question that resonates with me is this: of all the options confronting us, which is the best for the people?

The initial push for this effort was to force government to listen... when government had long since turned a deaf ear to the people (Steve "I never speak for the people... I only speak for Steve" Stuart's shtick comes to mind)  and each effort to force government to actually hear us was not only rejected, it was belittled and ridiculed by those most rabidly opposed to a Charter THEN and most rabidly in support of it now.

I had to ask myself the magic question: why?

My support of a Charter effort was based upon what's best for the people.

Those rabidly supporting the Charter effort now are, for example, those from the C3G2 fringe-left hate site... among the very ones who ridiculed the effort before.

And why are they so hot for it now?

Because they see it as a vehicle to emasculate the commissioners they hate, and to undo the will of the people that so opposes them.

Stupid and unconstitutional ideas such as an effort to restrict county employees from running for ANY partisan elective office... requiring a super-majority to fire a manager... a phantom separation of powers... each and every tenet designed to retaliate... based entirely on rank, partisan hatred... the hiring of Sen. Don Benton as Environmental Manager... a perfectly legal hiring using a system put in place by democrats for years... a system similar to that of the City of Portland who has used it for years... and most recently, used it to hire 80% of the department heads now running that city.

I  completely get that in the end, the people will have the final say.  I also see the dichotomy between the left's rabid support of keeping the people silent on all matters concerning the late, unlamented, CRC Loot Rail Scam and their rabid support of this legalized lynching.

But in the end, I must defer to my judgment that what was SUPPOSED to be about what is best for this community has been successfully bastardized into something warped and twisted by those who act entirely on partisanship, hatred and political bigotry.

And like Steve Stuart, I only speak for me and some of you may like it and some of you won't.  But I am responsible only to myself, unlike Stuart... and to that entity to which I try to remain the most true.

The only acceptable, non-partisan and altruistic way to present this is without condition save for one: the right of citizen initiative.  That way, the PEOPLE can determine this other idiocy.  And while the current iteration of the Charter is a vast improvement over the past versions, it still reeks of "Benton did this, Benton did that" and "Madore did this and Madore did that."

For me, what those two did or did not do isn't a reason to change a thing.  And those haters pushing this the hardest?

If they were to look inside themselves in a moment of sober reflection... they'd know I nailed it here.

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