Wednesday, April 09, 2014

ANOTHER sign of Winningham idiocy: kid bringing a knife to a gun fight?

We're already familiar with the stupidity of Maureen Winningham and her WEA/downtown Vancouver positions.

Today, however, was another soft target... a target that likely would have either not BEEN a target, or had the staff been armed, been a much harder target than the 19 children KNIFED by another student over a THIRTY MINUTE PERIOD.  (Some may not make it)

That's right: another school was attacked... and the attacker was so sure of his ability, even as a sophomore, to harm others that he didn't use a gun... he used a knife.

So, Maureen: I'm the teacher in your daughter's classroom; and in that classroom, the guy with the knife is heading towards your daughter.

Do, I just stand there?  Do I yell at him?  Do I throw an eraser at him?

Or do I pull my .45 and punch his ticket?

And that's the crux of the matter with your gun-grabbing blather on your facebook page.

You support the 2nd Amendment like Hitler supported Free Speech.

All you do is bitch.  But you have yet to provide solutions.

Why is that? 

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