Monday, March 03, 2014

Why can gay businesses discriminate and that's fine... while straight businesses can't?

Look, I support the religious exemption to refusing service to those engaged in a lifestyle that has religious objections attached to it.

My bakery would not be doing wedding cakes for gay marriages, my photography studio would not shoot gay weddings, my pharmacy would not be providing Plan B Birth Control.

And I'm not even particularly religious.

These positions set the hair on fire of gay activists and militant feminist leftists.  How dare I?

Simple.  This is how I dare:
RUSH: Have you heard about this?  New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican, she needs a new hairdresser.  Her hairstylist is gay, and her hairstylist has refused to do her hair anymore because Susana Martinez is opposed to gay marriage. 

Explain to me how it's illegal to refuse to do a wedding cake for a gay marriage... but it's somehow NOT illegal for gays to discriminate based on political and/or other non-homosexual views?

This isn't the only business engaging in this hypocrisy... there are others that have been publicized who've made the same decision.  All without peep one from the discriminating hypocrites.

This is the thing that makes me sickest about this.

It's the institutional double-standard and hypocrisy of it all.  Leftist discrimination based on a political view is good.... goood...

Right wing discrimination for religious reasons is bad.... baaaad.
RUSH: This business with the gay hairdresser in New Mexico and the governor. Gays can refuse service and be applauded for it, by the way.  Christians cannot.  So when it comes to hypocrisy, gays take the wedding cake, whatever.
If you're going to make it illegal to refuse to serve gays... then you have to make it equally illegal for gays to refuse to serve straights.

But you really don't hear much about that.... do you?

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