Monday, March 24, 2014

WHAT? Pridemore backtracks: claims Lefty Lou misquoted him.

Lou Brancaccio · Top Commenter · Editor in Chief at The Columbian
For the record here is the column I wrote -- when just Craig Pridemore and Temple Lentz were in the running for the appointment. I asked both of them what they'd do if they didn't get the appointment.

  • Craig Pridemore · Top Commenter · University of Washington
    I interpreted the question to be whether we would wage a primary against whoever was appointed if we were not. That's a different question than whether or not we would run if the appointee chose not to run.

  • Craig Pridemore · Top Commenter · University of Washington
    For full clarity: should Temple Lentz, Kelly Love-Parker or Ed Barnes be appointed AND choose to run in November, referring to the criteria I laid out in our email exchange last week, I would NOT run. :-)
I'll also reenforce Lefty's take by quoting the story on the democrat meeting a few days back that killed any chance Lentz would make the list:
Meanwhile, the other two Democrats vying for Stuart's position on the board, former County Commissioner and state Senator Craig Pridemore and Kelly Love Parker, president and chief executive of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, said they would be unlikely to run campaigns unless they were first appointed to the seat.
Gee.... this is a tough one.

Given his track record, if Lefty told me it was daylight outside I'd have to check.

On the other hand, Pridemore has obviously been feeling the heat from his rather stupid line in the rag that if he didn't get the appointment, he wouldn't run.

I can hear the tap-dancing now.  Time to fire up some more popcorn!


Lew Waters said...

Seems Craig has a problem with being misquoted or taken out of context.

Remember when he decided to run for the 3rd Congressional District and claimed polling placed him in the lead?

Underdog Democrat Pridemore Says Polling Has Him Ahead of Party Rival Heck

He later claimed it "was all off the record" to the Lazy C

Just a guy said...

Old habits die hard.... ahhharrrryuk!