Sunday, March 16, 2014

What do Dingethal, Briggs and Winningham all have in common?

Even though they want to govern us, if you disagree with their positions, they won't answer your questions.

Now, don't misunderstand me... I get it.  None of the three have any chance of winning, so it sucks to be them and all.

But why can't they at least go through the motions and have the courage to answer your questions, agree or disagree?

I don't see Liz Pike or Ann Rivers running away from the fringe-leftist nutters infesting us.  Hell, Rep. Pike even put together a long, drawn out, logical and accurate representation of her reasoning for why she opposes Peggy Owens (Poor sap.  She's never recovered from getting her ass kicked on the ballpark scam... and having it's position crushed on the CRC Scam?  Why, she's all in a dither!) with a completely logical, fact-based dissertation that accurately sums up the conclusion that unlike the medicine that will "save" the western world, this particular med would be a cancer eating away at us locally for decades to come.

So... my efforts to get any of these 3 candidates to respond to my concerns on the CRC... in Dingethal's case, going back some 3 months or more... have all been ignored.  In fact, NONE of my questions, concerning, for example the repeal of Obamacare for Dingethal and this bizarre lie of "vote for me and I'll represent EVERYBODY" shtick that particularly Mike Briggs is on have been disregarded in the sense that he has yet to explain how he, for example, can represent ME.

As I said, I completely get why they lack the courage to answer.  These questions are as venomous as the bite of a Two-Step Viper to their campaigns.

Coming out and acknowledging that they're wrong on the CRC Scam up front kills their campaigns before they even start... if they start.

But at some point, they WILL have to answer.  Ignoring it in the bizarre hope that it just goes away isn't going to get them anywhere.  Remaining silent or refusing to state a position just shows cowardice and that's hardly a platform for elective office.

And all 3 of them know that I'm out here... lurking... to remind people repeatedly that when it comes to democrat politics... courage isn't a real big part of the program.

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