Monday, March 24, 2014

Union hack Ed Barnes: wasting everyone's time.

Look, I get that the rag wants to provide a platform for every fringe-left whack job they can find so they can join the fringe-left whack jobs of the hatred chorus, and since Ed Barnes has a better chance of winning Power Ball than he does getting the appointment, this is Lefty doing that.

This will, until the appointment is made, provide that whiny, union hack crybaby just such an opportunity.

Of all those who could care less what the people actually want, Barnes is by far the leading candidate.
The only thing this clown knows is how to bend people over in the name of the unions... and he is as increasingly irrelevant as the unions themselves.

I expect Lew Waters to put together a "Barnes Greatest Idiocy Hits" or something to point this kind of thing out.

Barnes is a caricature... a cartoon. And he has a better chance of actually making sense than he does of getting the appointment.

And that's none at all.


Lew Waters said...

Yes, you can bank on a video soon from his over 50 times spewing his nonsense.

A couple I already put together

Ed Barnes, Hypocrite not Victim

Why is Ed Barnes Still So Angry and Bitter?

Just a guy said...

It was just a lucky guess, Lew... but I knew you'd come thru.