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The hypocrisy of Left Lou Brancaccio, Chapter 3002

Was it just yesterday that Lefty committed the rank hypocrisy of writing:
"That we should be cautious of bringing passion and desire to a conversation."
For what seems to the thousandth time, Lefty has decided to use his bully pulpit to attack those he perceives as a personal threat.

Today was trash day at the Lazy C, and, as his his wont, Lefty delivered... in spades.

He likely made up a bogus situation to exploit it.  Then he committed a couple of sins that prove his stupidity runs much deeper then his fake tan:
  • Greg Owens · Top Commenter · South Eugene High School
    I have a question: When you were told about the litter, why didn't you gather a group of friends and garbage bags and pick up the litter after you documented it? Wouldn't that have been the right thing to do, to beautify and pull together your community? You took the time to go out there and take pictures, but you don't have the time to help clean it up? I don't get it. I am no fan of Benton's, but this seems ridiculous to me.
    • Lou Brancaccio · Top Commenter · Editor in chief at The Columbian
      It's important to develop personal responsibility. There is a bunch of litter in this county. Now I could - you could - go out and try to pick it up. But that just enables those who create the problem. We can't do it all. Hopefully those who create the problem -- when told of it -- will take responsibility. Hope this answers your question.
    • Don Caffery · Portland, Oregon
      Wow.. What a crock!
    • Greg Owens · Top Commenter · South Eugene High School
      So, you are going to hunt down the people that left the other litter there and make them clean it up? We are a community, Lou, and are responsible for it together.
Now, Greg isn't my favorite person.  Nor am I his.  But when he's right... he's right.

Lefty went to all this time and trouble, and was too fricking lazy to pick up the trash he knows so very much about.

His response was not just pathetic, but it was over the top idiocy.  And Greg, rightfully, nailed him for it.

Later on, Lou, who is tap-dancing at the speed of light by now, went on to babble this nonsense:
  • Lou Brancaccio · Top Commenter · Editor in chief at The Columbian
    Update: You'd think my buddy Benton would have been down at the scene of the crime at daybreak to limit the political damage and, frankly just clean up the litter he left behind. Well think again. I went back at 1 p.m, and the litter was still there! What the...
There is no political damage.  This is likely a scam: Lou looks like a moron (Again) and MY guess is tthat Benton doesn't read your tripe, likely knowing nothing about it.  That said:

Lou's top three targets are well known to us all.  The democratian's hatred of the Sen. Don Benton is legendary... going so far as to use their editorial page to endorse a Benton challenger for no other reason than he wasn't Benton.
In 2000 they wrote of Democrat challenger Lou Peterson, “although sincere and well-intentioned, lacks even a rudimentary understanding of the important policy questions for Southwest Washington and the state. About the only attribute in his favor is the fact that he’s not Don Benton. And on that admittedly flimsy basis, we endorse Peterson.”
To suggest that the institutional mindset of the local daily is anything BUT hatred, and has been anything but hatred, is to ignore the reality of the incessant expressions of hatred the democratian is known for.

I admit it.  It's confusing.

Setting up the double standard begs the issue.  Lou Brancaccio expects us to keep OUR "passion and desire" in check, strange words indeed from one who did so much to whip up the left and their fellow travelers in the closest thing I've seen to a local "putsch" since the early history of the Third Reich.

Having brought out the worst this community has to offer... and continuing to engage in the worst HE has to offer, Brancaccio demands that we live by a different set of rules that he refuses to live by himself.

Today, for example, he made a big deal out of Benton campaign signs... as if they were the only signs left out after campaigns.

He writes, again with the rank, reeking hypocrisy that he's known for:
As you might imagine, this silliness has gone national. In fact, Fox News in New York called me for an interview.
One of my favorite exchanges in the interview went something like this:
Reporter: “Sen. Benton said his suggestion was not retaliatory.”
Me: “Have you ever spoken to a politician who said something he did WAS retaliatory?”
I  sincerely don't care if it's "retaliatory" or not.

What's beyond any doubt is that everything our resident editor writes is ENTIRELY "retaliatory."

If it were retaliatory, I would submit that Lou... and because Scott Campbell keeps him terrorizing and damaging our community... both deserve it.

This isn't about what's right for Clark County.  This isn't about what's right for SW Washington.  This is about arrogance, hatred and petulance, a bully unfettered by common decency, common sense or anything but a sense of entitlement.

Clearly, in comparing records, Don Benton has done a hell of a lot better job running Environmental Services that Brancaccio has done running the democratian.

Every time Lefty goes to work, He likely sees the temple built for the democratian... the same temple now occupied by the city of Vancouver, who, while they screwed their own citizens to get it, is what USED to be the home of the Lazy C.

Today's self-serving pap is typically bereft of details, replete with the lies, distortions and omissions... inconvenient truths, if you will, that Lefty is known for.  Someone who knows the pertinent facts has set Lefty straight in the comments section:  But as well known by now, when it comes to Lefty using any of the hated 3 for his own personal piƱata, you know that nothing counter to Lou's perception will ever see the light of day in his paper.

David Arnett · Top Commenter · IEEE

Lou, I’m going to call you on this one.

You guys have been complaining for a week and a half that Don Benton has personally proposed a tax only on The Columbian as political payback. You know, or ought to know, details that you aren’t telling readers that disprove that theory.

At the 19 Mar County Work Session, they specifically discussed applying a newspaper litter fee to other newspapers, including the Nickel Ads, the Auto Trader, and The Reflector by name. The revenue estimate showed a minimum revenue estimate based on a high circulation threshold but the clear discussion at the meeting was that this fee was looking at all of the larger newsprint publishers. Your repeated harp that this is targeted at The Columbian is just flat out dishonest.

In the Work Session several key items were clear. (1) The recommendation to add litter fees were raised by MANY of the managers in the brainstorming session based on what workers are finding and having to clear from the storm water facilities. (2) There were many sources (pen caps, bottles, paper, fast food trash, etc.) but they had to focus on items that could be tracked to distinct large-volume sources to make any tax workable. (3) Solid waste litter (like beer cans, political signage, or candy wrappers on roadsides) that did not find its way into the storm water facilities was NOT an option for consideration under State law. Targeting a campaign poster is not only a bad tu quoque argument; it is outside the scope of the programs that could have been reasonably considered for further discussion. (Solid waste was on the list but identified as not directly relevant.) If you want to take a serious stab at this matter, go look at what the County workers are actually pulling out of the storm water facilities. You should also find out whether this newspaper tax was being discussed in the DES prior to Don Benton joining the organization.

Finally, your slanted perspective on this stuff means you didn’t give Don and his staff credit for reducing their operating expenses by 28%, saving $2.5M. It seems that you write about Don Benton’s contributions in small grey type (if at all), and put any perceived faults in fluorescent orange banner print.
Local leftists don't care.  If Benton had a Ph.D in some environmental science or another, it wouldn't matter.  The left's opposition to Benton's appointment is based on political bigotry, pure and simple.

Ask yourselves this: If, for whatever the reason, the commissioners had hired Jim Moeller instead of Don Benton, do you remotely believe that we'd be reading any of this?

Of course not.

The left's... and Brancaccio's... and the democratian's hatred is there for all too see.

One of the things that could actually make this publication worthwhile to the community would before a standard of practice where every issue confronting us was treated the same, regardless who the players happened to be.

People generally, and some politicians particularly seem to fear Brancaccio: to the vast majority of the people of this county he's merely become another fringe-left buffoon, embittered by the destruction of his agenda, mystified how anyone could oppose his grand vision.  A kind of hitlerish individual who wants his precious... but obsolete and simultaneously desolate vision to be the reality to the exclusion of all else.

Well, here's the genuine reality.

Lefty has control over a daily paper.  He has, over the years, directly engaged in, or allowed others to engage in, divisive, hateful "journalism" that has resulted in many of us pondering suicide as a viable alternative to subscribing to his effort.

He is so blinded by his perceived power and arrogance that he can't even begin to confront the petulance and arrogance that he exudes.  Like, for example, former Commissioner Marc Boldt, he receives adulation and congratulations every time he ignores why he's there and what he is SUPPOSED to do.

I repeatedly tried to warn Marc.  But instead of listening to those who actually gave a damn about him, both as a person and as a commissioner, he chose to listen instead to those who viewed him as a tool, someone they could use to their own ends... someone they could... and did... cast aside when he became broken.

In that regard, Lefty is different, to the extent that while Marc continually claimed to be a Republican while continuing to vote as a democrat, apparently mirroring the Stuart Stance of not speaking for the people, but instead, only speaking for himself.

Lefty, with a demonstrably false claim, keeps telling us all that he's the political version of "Pat" from the Saturday Night Live skit;  he claims he's politically androgynous.

Since most know that to be untrue, many view his bleating through the leftist bleating filter, instead of the "he's got a point" filter.

When we know, based on how many months he's wasted (And likely, how many more YEARS he's going to waste) kicking this already long-dead horse, the question becomes this: how can any of his claims be taken seriously?

When we know the size of the ego driving this campaign exceeds that of his defeat on the CRC, when we completely get that this is a purely political exercise for him (They defeated me, I'm going to try and destroy them) then a lot of this becomes clear.

Why Scott Campbell allows him to alienated tens of thousands of possible subscribers has been a mystery to me for the last decade.  And yet, he does that very thing, ignoring the message delivered a few months back by a much larger paper that has been forced to dramatically cut staff and reduce their publishing days from 7 to 4 per week.

That kind of writing on the wall is hard to miss.  But Lou misses it every waking moment.  So, apparently, does Scott.

That said, those in the political realm around here frequently overestimate the impact of Lefty's paper.  If it were as powerful as Lou would like to make us think, then, well, we'd all be looking at an entirely different ballgame and a commission made up of Stuart, Boldt and Tanner.

We'd be picking out the drapes for the new light rail project.  Senator Probst would have been busy joining his rather dimbulb colleague from the 49th in ramming this crap down our throats.

But that hasn't happened.  And Lefty really doesn't give a damn that as a people, we have rejected his view.

Those who govern us cannot be impacted by his hypocritical raving.  I'm not.  And those in office or who want to be in office had better not be.

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