Monday, March 24, 2014

So... what's to keep Russia from continuing to move?


Has the moron in the White House taught Putin a lesson, or what?

What's to keep Putin from expanding north to the Baltic Sea?  Hell, what's to keep him from heading east to France?

He's only swallowed up about 1/12th or so of an ally while we stood by and did nothing: what kind of negative reinforcement is that?  What kind of message does that send to the rest of the world? 

Wino Joe Biden told the world a few days back that when Putin continues his expansion, "We will respond to any aggression against a NATO ally."


The idiot running the show hasn't even indicated he was going to scrap plans to reduce our military strength even further.

Russia gets stronger: we get weaker.

Right now, the United States is playing tarantula to Putin's tarantula wasp.  And here's how that looks.

The damned spider KNOWS that thing is going to sting it, and yet it barely goes through the motions of defending itself.

Why doesn't the tarantula do more to defend itself?  Who knows... but the outcome is a particularly gruesome death where the spider is eaten alive by a single wasp larvae.

Both Obama and NATO are proving itself utterly worthless and Putin is watching.

Again. I ask: where's the line?  And is it sunk in sand?  Or concrete?  And as the president continues to weaken us in favor of Obamaphones, how much blood will be on his hands?


Lew Waters said...

Nice time to be gutting the military and filing the ranks with queers, transvestites and feminists.

Just a guy said...

Just so. They need to remember what the military mission is and then enable the military to do a lot more of it.