Sunday, March 09, 2014

Rivers and Benton kill the CRC? The democratian tries to kill Rivers and Benton.

Here's the thing: today's full fringe-left screed against Sens. Ann Rivers and Don Benton is a little of that good, old-fashioned, pay back the cancer on our community is known for.

Does ANYONE who read that anti-Rivers and Benton screed believe that, for one minute, has they been pro-CRC any of this would have hit the print today?

Of course not.

Somebody, somewhere, contacted the democratian to coordinate this little ditty by providing a copy of a bill that was filed last year as a reaction to the events of forcing businesses to engage in whatever behavior the militant homosexual lobby wanted.... furthering their special rights at the expense of the rights and beliefs of the businesses in question.  The bill in question would, essentially, provide a religious exemption for businesses that have a moral objection to immoral behavior.

The bill, SB5927, that had ten cosponsors, never came close to passage and, in fact, never got a hearing.  In that respect, it was no different than hundr3eds of other bills... and this very newspaper had nothing to say about it at the time, apparently... but now?

NOW it's a big deal because every one of the ten sponsors generally and Sens. Benton and Rivers particularly were at least partially responsible for the death of the democratian's dream.

The rest of the county who has been paying attention to the rag's despicable, ram-the-CRC-down-their-throats-for-the-last-decade, also knows that Ann Rivers and Don Benton, any other issue aside, have earned a major portion of this county's gratitude for killing the worst, most wasteful project (Outside the Big Dig in Seattle) that the Northwestern United States has ever known.

Do you believe that for one minute, the democratian was going to let them get off scot-free for destroying their decade-long agenda?

Hell, no.

Sen. Rivers is my Senator.  Senator Benton used to be.  And I support their efforts with this bill.

Taking it a step further, fringe-left perspectives, which have become increasingly prevalent with the pit yorkie's replacement, are based on the opinion of someone who represents two people: the publisher of that pile of manure and the chief producer of it.

Rivers and Benton represent in excess of 120,000 people... each.  Sen. Rivers, particularly, represents THE most conservative district in SW Washington.

So, what we have here is the democratian both engaging in payback... AND telling thousands of potential customers who rightfully disagree with them that if they don't think or believe like they do, well, By God, then they're are bigots... as if THIS rag of lies and deception is somehow the final arbiter of what is and isn't moral.... what is and isn't "right."  Great business model.

I support my Senator's effort here.  That she has, once again, jammed a stick in the democratian's spokes  is a good thing.

To the rag, nothing is more important than the part(s) of the Constitution they need to survive.  (The other parts... particularly the 2nd Amendment... not so much.)  Other areas... such as "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" when it comes to religion?  Well, let's just ignore that part because it doesn't fit into the meme.

And it's this variety of hypocrisy that, if the democratian had any readership that mattered, would make them dangerous instead of toothless barking dog they are now.

I appreciate and have personally defended Greg Jayne's right to sound like a blithering idiot through my service in the military.  His right to write like a moron is equal to my right to beat him verbally senseless when he does…. Including now, as he engages in trying to punish those who successfully made his newspaper irrelevant on the biggest project this region has ever known in terms of dollars.

Fortunately for us all, neither Rivers nor Benton represent a newspaper.  Instead,  they represent the people of their districts.  And the people of their districts are not nearly as upset about this as those behind this rank stupidity from Jayne.

We should all live so long that Jayne and the leftists of his ilk should find themselves in a position where they have to make a moral judgment (Few of them have to contend with religious scruples) and then be forced by law to ignore their own morality... presuming they were possessed of any (and that certainly is an open question)  The delicious irony of a situation like that is difficult to overstate.

Right is right: wrong is wrong.  In the situationally ethical world of the democratian, who feels compelled to tell people not TO think, but instead WHAT to think, we are fortunate indeed that on matters such as these, much like in matters such as the CRC, the people really don't give a damn what these fringe-left scum think.

The problem with any "authority" that has a history like the rag's is that when it comes to matters of moral judgment, the Columbian is the LAST place this community would turn to.

With a history of lies, deceit, exaggeration, verbal assaults and selling this community out in their quest for 30 pierces of silver does anyone really give a damn what Jayne believes is, or is not, bigotry?

That scum like Peg Owens freak out over this is because the entire purpose of Jayne's screed was to provide a platform for his fellow fringe-left nutbergers to unload on two Republicans... two Republicans crucial to killing their pet project that they'd lied to us so much and for so long about... beating them once again... not unlike, come to the think of it, the Ballpark Scam.

Memo to Ann Rivers:  They've now shown their true colors in punishing you as well as Benton.  Perhaps when they call you from now on, they should just get a busy signal in return?

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Lew Waters said...

Taking marching orders from Moeller now? Maybe he reminded them, privately this time, about that 40% tax break he got them?

How gay of them