Friday, March 28, 2014

Remember when Nelson Holmberg claimed to be GOP?

Well, he's past all that.

The slate is set.
Clark County Democrats have given Craig Pridemore top billing on their list of candidates to replace Steve Stuart on the Board of Clark County Commissioners.
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  • Nelson Holmberg Here's hoping the M&M boys do the right thing!
  • Cheryl Bledsoe I am kinda hoping they don't.... Candidacy + accountability is going to be two full-time jobs in the coming months.
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  • Nelson Holmberg With an experienced person like Craig, though, running the campaign and serving as commissioner shouldn't be any different than when he ran for re-election previously. Craig has been there and done that.
  • Cheryl Bledsoe Yes, but I believe this election will be one of the costliest in county history. If the 3rd seat becomes controlled by the current majority, a charter change will be without impact.
  • Nick Ruark It's time to get some pride (among other things) back into the BoCC....
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  • Nelson Holmberg That's why Paul Montague's new venture is so important right now...the timing is perfect.
Montague is a politically clueless idiot: he couldn't even sell a bridge, so to speak, and now he's setting up a fringe democrat PAC to beat the hell out of Republicans smart enough to beat him and Holmberg, who used to serve on the county GOP Executive board and then copped a walk when Boldt got kicked out (Rightfully so, I might add)  thinks the timing is perfect for Montague's next failure.

Thanks, Nelson.  You should have just told everyone you were a democrat to begin with.

On one thing, though, I agree: I hope the commissioners do the exact right thing and appoint Barnes.

It would make the left look even more Ketstone Cops-like.

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