Sunday, March 16, 2014

PSA: Support your local food bank.

My wife and I spent another fantastic day working for a food bank, as we do the 3rd Sunday of every month... as we will next month on Easter Sunday.

Think about it.

Instead of sitting at a food-laden table generally packed with goods few getting the food bank's assistance can even contemplate, my family will be spending the day preparing for, working at and then taking down the tables, chairs and doing the paperwork that today fed 32 families.

That's not a huge number by any means.  But it's men, women  and children who might otherwise be going hungry who were brought in out of the cold and rain to get badly needed food stuffs they could not otherwise get.

So, take some time... volunteer...  whip out your checkbook.  I guarantee that 99.9% of you reading this are better off in every way than the public we served today.  Find a few dollars... a few cans of food... swing by your local food bank organization and drop them off.

It doesn't have to be much... but you would be amazed at how far it can go.  You'll also be pretty happy with how it makes you feel.

I know it does me.

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