Saturday, March 01, 2014

Press Babble: Why Brancaccio is wrong... again.

I tend to be a bottom line kind of guy.  And here's the bottom line:

At this point, had Benton lost his election to the Senate to Probst... construction would have already started on the CRC Scam.

There would have been no Majority Coalition Caucus.

There would have been a year of tax increases, abortion insurance, gun-grabbing measures, giving toll setting authority to Oregon and everything that goes along with it.  The election of Jan Angel may have regained the GOP control of the Senate this year, but you know damned well that much of the damage done concerning the CRC could not have been undone.

To that end, I really don't give a damn how much Benton's paid at the Capitol... How many others on the left get paid for their two government jobs up there?

Brancaccio's demand for Benton's resignation from both his county and Senatorial position might have had some sway if it weren't for Brancaccio's years-long hatred of the man personally, the kind of hatred that since his arrival, has shown an innate inability to engage in fairness over his vindictive, "I'm going to kill this guy" mentality... the kind of thing he's shown towards David Madore since he first surfaced on the anti-CRC scene.  The kind of thing, come to think of it, that the late, unlamented Tommy the K used to do towards the now "sainted-by-the-left" Marc Boldt.

Lefty Lou's demands at this point will have all the effect of a Smurf punching a pillow.  The hatred has gone on so long to the exclusion of all else.... that no one is going to listen.

Get Lefty in a sober moment and ask him: so, Lou.... how many people who read your column on Benton care what you have to say about the guy?  How many minds did you change today?

We all know the answer: This was just being done to additionally whip up his fellow leftist political untermenschen,  those who bask in Lou's hatred of any conservative to the right of Mao.

To me, the question is this: had there been a Sen. Probst, where would we be now?

And that is a place.... I don't want to be.  And all of Benton's foibles notwithstanding (And there are many) I would rather Benton over Probst any time, anywhere.  Not because Probst is a "bad guy," but because with Probst would have come the leftist pestilence that would have damaged this county until long after my death.

Leftists reading this will be howling for the scalps of Benton, Madore and Mielke.  Brancaccio, being Brancaccio, lies when he claims that, for example,
Truth is, he can't do either job very well. We elected him to one job — our bad — and then the M&M boys sneaked him in through the back door for the $100,000-plus county job. Their bad.
And it's this kind of tripe and buffoonery that makes Lefty's message less than worthless.

For example:  As a Senator, his number one job has been to kill the CRC Scam.

Looks pretty dead to me.  And that, much to Lou's consternation, looks like a job extremely well done.

Next, the fact is that "we" didn't elect anyone: the people of the 17th did, Lefty's best efforts notwithstanding; and, of course, Lefty appearing to live in the 18th District means that he, his bizarre observation notwithstanding, had no say.  So it's not "We elected him."

"We" didn't. 

It's not that he would have voted for Benton even if he could vote for Benton: he'd rather be dipped into a pool of boiling hydrochloric acid first.

It's that, once again in his own inimitable way, he's telling the people of the 17th (of which he is apparently not one) that they were stupid, the same way he tells all of us who ignore him and his agenda that we're stupid.

And, when it comes to the matter of how Environmental Services are run or how they're doing, it's just a damned shame that he wasn't so concerned about it under the last guy who apparently wound up costing this county millions in court... without acknowledging that he really has no idea how Benton is doing running that department: he just presumes the worst and prints it with zero proof.

Lefty has pounded on Benton for years and it's made no difference.

Why should it start now?

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