Saturday, March 08, 2014

Lying Larry Smith: There's no plan B.

Back in the day, Larry Smith used to be someone to look up to.

Former Army officer: Combat Veteran, Ranger qualified.  But then, something happened.  Something that ended his military career and left him high and dry here in Vancouver.  And like others of his ilk, we've been much worse for it.
The official CRC Butthurt Award.

Yesterday, on camera, Larry Smith lied.  When asked, he claimed that was "no plan B."

What he SHOULD have said is: "Well, there's no Plan B that *I* like."

Because there are multiple plan B's.  In  fact, there's almost as many plans as their are letters in the alphabet.

It's just that each and every one of them involved removing the hated loot rail from the bridge.  And that is simply not acceptable to Smith and the rest of the downtown mafia.

In this video, Smith looks like he's going to cry.  But he has to realize that he and every CRC Scammer LIKE him are the ones at fault.

They made $190 million taxpayer dollars disappear by ignoring the people.  And now, we have nothing to show for it but the Scammer's rank embarrassment.


Lew Waters said...

I used to respect Larry quite a bit. But he now seems to be positioning himself for higher office as someone of importance in Vancouver instead of just another podunk, rubber stamp council member.

Kriss Mitchell said...

So Koin 6 seems to be a little biased in their reporting as well. Didn't seem to do any investigation on the other plan Bs either.