Friday, March 07, 2014

Legislators from both parties prepare to throw Veterans under the bus.

You know, it takes a special kind of stupidity to give illegal aliens in-state tuition while keeping veterans from getting the same... but that's what's happening here.

It was the effort of, yet again, caving GOP senators that we were all screwed by the illegal alien benefit bill that is going to injure kids who are here legally while mainstreaming illegals.  Now, we find ourselves in the absurd position of screwing veterans because of partisan bullshit.

As a veteran, I find this offensive.  As a taxpayer, I have no personal gain in this because I've already got my degree, and it will not do anything for me in any way.

Cut the bullshit and get this passed.  Veterans shouldn't be charged any tuition AT ALL.  This is the LEAST we can do.

Staff writerMarch 6, 2014 Updated 13 hours ago

State lawmakers in Olympia all agree that veterans should automatically get in-state tuition at Washington colleges and universities.
What they can’t seem to agree on is who should get credit for the policy — a dispute that could prevent the legislation from passing this year.
The state House and state Senate each unanimously approved bills to let veterans and active duty military members receive in-state tuition without living in Washington for a year to establish residency.
Neither of the bills passed the opposing chamber, however. Instead, both got bottled up in committees, missing key deadlines to advance.
Gov. Jay Inslee said Thursday the bill is a priority for him and “should be an easy one for legislators to come to an agreement on this session.”
“It really is unthinkable that we couldn’t figure out a way to give veterans this benefit,” Inslee said.
But some House Democrats wondered why they should take up the Senate’s version of the veteran-tuition legislation when they recently passed a Senate Republican’s version of a high-profile immigrant financial aid bill.
“I’m sure they think every bill that has a companion should be a Senate bill,” said House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, D-Covington.

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