Thursday, March 27, 2014

Celebration time: The CRC's Little Shop of Horrors shutting down.

Having spoken out against this nightmare from its inception, I would have thought I'd have been ecstatic over its demise... positively giddy.

But I'm not.

This process brought out the best in some people... but it also brought out the absolute worst.

The discoveries made during the investigation by Tiffany Couch should lead to indictments.

The fact that the CRC policy from, essentially, the beginning, was to exclude the public from having any impact on this project dovetailed nicely with the scam factor: that it was a light rail project from the beginning, that there was never any consideration given to any other possibility because the fix was in from the start.

The insipid arrogance, lies and deceit of the CRC proponents.  Years of abuse by the local excuse of a newspaper, which for many, destroyed any credibility they may have had with a systematic series of lies, distortions, misrepresentations; phony, self-serving polls with predetermined outcomes; now reduced to nothing more than a sock-puppet for local democrats while their editor and the lowlifes working for him engage in his personal vendetta... And then get caught bending us over on legal notices...

Almost $200 million taxpayer dollars enriching a few at the expense of the many... all while their scammers did everything they could, in every way possible, to ignore the public they are, allegedly, charged to serve as government servants, all with lie upon lie upon lie about public input.

Years of lies and distortion from previously credible private and semi-private groups; threats, vilification, hatred by those who should have known better against those who, as it turned out, DID know better.  Efforts to bully, threaten, harass, intimidate.  Jihads of all sorts... stones through office windows... the Nazi-like mentality they displayed for years.

Unfortunately for us, most of the Scammers have the maturity of children, which leads to, for example, democrat State Representative Jim "Molehill" Moeller telling us that the ONLY bridge he would EVER approve would be THIS bridge scam. 

The lies of those elected who swore up and down that they opposed tolls, only to flip almost immediately once elected, since that was their plan all along.  Those elected who justified their betrayal of the people of this county who declared that they never were a voice for the people, but who, instead, only spoke for themselves.

I think of all the waste... time, effort, energy and money gone... with absolutely nothing to show for it because the clowns in charge flatly refused to LISTEN to the people they worked for.

And now, we have a pile of dust and a cadre' of bureaucrats and misguided electeds who will attempt to wreak their revenge on us all by doing everything they can to teach US a lesson: by stopping any of the many other solutions available for our transportation issues.

How many times did we hear... "no light rail, no bridge?"

Where were the interests of the people in that?


Yet, I feel no joy in this project's demise.  Imagine where we would be right now if this energy had been expended in an effort to fix the problems confronting us instead of the waste of social engineering... of ethics violations... of betrayal of an entire community.

No... I don't feel all that great about this.  Instead, I quietly grieve over what might have been... and how badly those who work for us are now going to try to damage us even more.

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Lew Waters said...

We can bank on opposition, out of spite, over any other project, just because they can.

Molehill already stated as much.