Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Burkman and oil: so what? (Democratian propaganda mill cranks into overdrive.)

For the most part, I've thought of Jack Burkman as being a useful tool.

Best known for getting clobbered in his state representative primary by Pat Campbell when he had $97,000 and Campbell had spent enough to buy a pizza, there has been at least one occasion when I actually agreed with Burkman on a political issue: his opposition to Leave-it's ballpark scam.  But any good will from that debacle vaporized in the mist of his steadfast support of the CRC Scam, the worst, most criminal and corrupt enterprise ever foisted on the people of SW Washington.

And now, he's being lionized by the local Pravda Izvestia because he doesn't like the oil terminal that he's got no say over.

Odd, isn't it?

When Madore took a similar and ultimately successful position against this crime against common sense known as the CRC, the democratian immediately began to drag him behind their editorial pickup truck by the political neck in the forlorn hope they'd remove his political head.

How many times over how many years were we assured that Madore's opposition to this rip off was meaningless because the "county had no say" in the matter of this scam?

I admit it: I DO support the oil terminal, the jobs it would provide and the services both to our local economy and to the rest of the world it will provide. Given the CRC Scammer's reaction to the massive opposition to their rip off, I defy the naysayers to live up to their hypocrisy of living without using any petroleum product of any kind... since these clowns seem to believe that oil is such a "bad thing."

My opposition to the CRC rip off going back to the days since we finally, ultimately, heard this crime was being cooked up in the usual corrupt, opaque way by the downtown mafia; I can't even begin to recall the number of times I was told it was "inevitable, and there's nothing you can do about it and if you don't like it, move."

Well, here's the thing: THIS effort to bend the taxpayers over for downtown waterfront development does not trump the role or the position of the Port of Vancouver.

And the threat of a developer to pull the project, as empty as it is (And it is a bluff) amounts to precisely zero justification to oppose these jobs and the ability to move this valuable resource around in ways that ultimately, ARE going to be done, one way or the other.

Burkman's opposition to the oil terminal is as valuable in stopping this as a brass doorknocker.  And the difference between Burkman's opposition to the oil terminal and Madore's opposition to the CRC Scam is the difference between night and day:  Burkman's effort was cheap publicity, fawned on by the democratian because those little worms want everyone to support their agenda... that will accomplish nothing.

Madore's opposition led to exposure of this scam by Tiffany Couch at Acuity Forensics.  Without his drive and her investigative skill, we never would have discovered the anti-people-input policies, or the many and varied ways our money would be stolen, or the hundreds of millions of dollars that would have been sucked out of our local economy.

And oh, how the Scammers hate Couch... and Madore.

So, in the end, the question is this: what does Burkman's opposition mean?


What did Madore's opposition to Burkman's CRC Scam mean?


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