Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another sign of Winningham's and Briggs' lack of support: All of her money is from outside the 18th District, and Briggs just can't raise any.

I get that it really sucks to be a democrat running in the 18th District these days.  You already know by now that you're wasting your time: that you ARE going to lose, and likely by an embarrassing amount.

But how sad is it that you have to scam likes on your campaign facebook page... or that you can't raise any money.... in or out of the district.

Maureen Winningham has been "running" (If you can call it that) since January 21st.  In all that time, she's only been able to raise $4550... and only $300 from inside the entire state of Washington.

Day before yesterday, she reported a substantial donation ($3800) from RHODE ISLAND.

Her parents, perhaps?

No matter.  The fact remains that she is not getting any money.  By now, in her 18th District House Campaign of 2010, Sen. Ann Rivers had raised $15,380 and that was under the $800 donation limits against something like 6 other candidates in a contested primary... Winningham has a wide-open field.

Nor does that include the thousands of dollars that went to other House candidates in the same race  by this time in 2010.

That has got to be depressing for Winningham.  Filing week is only around 45 days or so away... and she's likely to crawl up to the counter broke.

Briggs isn't doing any better: his rather pathetic effort has resulted in a non-tsunami of cash: an even worse $925.

My Cavalier Spaniel could raise more than that in 2 months.

With these two, it really is like shooting political fish in a barrel.

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