Saturday, February 01, 2014

Memo to Commissioner Madore: the democratian is not your friend.

David Madore has been a county commissioner for some 13 months now.  For years before he was sworn in, and every day afterwards the democratian has vilified the man.

They've insulted, bullied and belittled him.  They've avoided fairness and journalism at all costs.  They blame him personally for any and all negative outcomes and issues confronting the county... and typically avoid giving him any credit when anything goes right.

As a result, I remain mystified as to why he discusses anything with the number one democrat organ whose sole mission for the better part of the last two years directly has been the destruction of David Madore and anyone who shares his views.

Neither Tim “The Liar” Leavitt nor "Lefty" Lou Brancaccio are fit to carry the man's luggage.

It's not that Commissioner Madore is perfect.  Anyone expecting him to be would be disappointed.

But the fact is that I admire a politician who does what he says he's going to do and who stands up for what he or she believes in.

That, of course, eliminates any admiration for The Liar.  That he was elected as a Liar does nothing to indicate he's possessed of any electable virtue; on the contrary.  Nor does the fact that he was barely re-elected against a last minute, badly underfunded candidate in Bill Turley.

That, of course, is the fault of the voters of Vancouver along with the GOP of Clark County who failed to turn out their voters to put an end to that little snot.

"Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me."

During the French Revolution, many of the upper classes were decapitated by guillotine.  Very few of those voluntarily walked first, into the Bastille and second, up the stairs to put their heads into that contraption.

Memo to David Madore: Your dogged insistence on treating the local rag as if they cared what you say, what you think or what your vision happens to be may prove to ultimately be your downfall.

When Lefty Lou hates you, he hates you.  There is no rapprochement unless you fit yourself into his mold and pick up the mantle of his agenda... like Marc Boldt, who was also hated and vilified by this despicable waste of space and ASCII himself... until he morphed into what they wanted.

When there is no way that fairness is going to be utilized or that journalistic tenets will be followed, then stop trying to act as if they will be.

There's nothing that either Lefty or The Liar can say or do that will change anything.  There's nothing David Madore can say or do that will change their minds.

Lefty is one of the most oily individuals I've ever seen.  That's at the cellular level.  He has proven for years that there is no lie, no exaggeration, no twisting of the truth that he won't use to destroy his political opponents when he is so motivated to do so.

Lefty uses double standards and personal animus as his guide.  Those along with his leftist bent, make communicating with him or any of his vapid playground bullies a counter-productive, colossal waste of time.

He applies one standard to those he hates, and no standards to those he likes.


There are other ways to communicate with the people of this county: you utilize some of them.

The vast majority of the suckers who continue to waste their money on this leftist swindle sheet are of the hardcore left variety.  They hate so much that the vast majority couldn't force themselves to vote for Boldt because he foolishly insisted on keeping an "R" after his name when he's been at least a moderate democrat for several years before his last election.

They live on their hatred of you, David.  And your efforts to reach out to them will be scorned and ridiculed, because they're sheep and that's what their shepherd, Lefty Lou, has taught them to think in his multiple upon multiple efforts to politically assassinate you that there is nothing you can say to them through Lefty's newspaper that will ever "reach" them.

Ed Rutledge is an example of a man possessed of his hatred of you.  He hates you with a depth that is almost admirable... when it doesn't go into the psychotic.  And there are no words you can possibly utter that will ever change that.  So, why try?

So stop.  Just stop.

Media 101: when the story is about you... there is no story without you.

The lies of this story are stacked like pancakes.  The Liar, for example, is delusional when he babbles: "I have to believe if I choose to endorse a candidate it would be a positive."

Swell.  Then by all means, do us all a favor and endorse that moron Briggs, would you?  Nothing would cost him more votes in the 18th.

See, even with that, David, your lack of sophistication shows that you don't know what Lou did to you by asking that question... how he is trying to weaken your influence while making your support (And your money) radioactive.

I'd like to know: why are you helping him to damage you?

Lefty, apparently, was cordial enough so he could get what he wanted out of you.  But that doesn't change the fact that he’s scum, and that tomorrow, or the day after or the week after, he's just going to go back to form and begin to hammer you like a drum... because believe me when I tell you:

Nothing that you say will impact his hatred of you.

Stop.  It's painful to watch these clowns play you.  It's painful to watch you hope that one day, they'll actually begin to show those character traits they've long since abandoned and treat you fairly and equitably... while telling the truth about who and what you are, or what you're trying to do.

That will never happen.  Accept it and move on, working around them and the scum like Stephony Rice that flock to the filth they represent.

Just stop.


Scott Roberts said...

I admire David for keeping his head held high. The droning sound of Lefty will soon be be muted by the prosperity that comes to Clark County.

Just a guy said...

I can't disagree with the outcomes. But it's both unnecessary for David... and painful... to watch these slime play him.