Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Democrats waste time trying to muscle Port of Seattle on SeaTac minimum wage extortion bill.

As I have known all along, the idiocy temporarily displayed by the people of SeaTac (who are bent on their own local economic destruction) would not apply to the Airport specifically or the Port of Seattle which runs it in particular.

Leftists are whining about this, of course, but in the end, they'll lose.

The misleading headline of this story notwithstanding, (5000 elected officials could sign a letter and it wouldn't "pressure" the Port in the least.)  these moronic wage demands of $15 per hour for these workers, besides being stupid on their face, will not be imposed by any court these clowns appeal to.  And thus, the nonsensical irony of one of the statements by one of the players:
Gregerson said she hopes the port will decide to adopt the new minimum wage now instead of waiting until the Washington Supreme Court makes a decision.
"I hope this is the nudge they need," she said.
Gregerson, who is also mayor of SeaTac in addition to having been appointed as a state representative, "hopes" that because she knows that she will lose in court and she doesn't want to do that.  Her problem is that even if the Port takes the action she wants, the local ordinance will still not take effect since the court has already ruled that it doesn't apply to the Port.

As more projects are cancelled for SeaTac and more people are laid off as SeaTac works busily towards becoming an economic wasteland, there's literally zero chance that the court will rule against the Port on this matter.

Democrat whining notwithstanding.

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